Dear Earth by Avvaiyar

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Title –  Dear Earth 

Pages – 13 pages

Availability – The book is available for  INR 99/- on  Amazon kindle , free with Kindle Unlimited and for INR 175/- through the website of Katha  

About the Author

Avvai or Avaaiyar was  a famous Tamil Poetess who lived about 2500 years ago in the land of Tamilakam. It is believed that she was on old woman who walked barefoot across the land and  lived with marginalized farmers and sang songs of the earth which were handed down into generations by word of mouth.

“Dear Earth ” has been translated from Tamil to English by  Padma Shri Geeta Dharmarajan , who is not only an award winning writer but also the torch bearer for Katha , a non –profit organization that promotes literature from native Indian languages and literature specially meant for the young minds.

About the Book 

“Dear Earth ” was created about 2300 years old back, this 25 word poem ,is an ode to the Mother Earth. 

This book has been rightly targeted at children  because they are mankind’s future and by educating them and  only by opening up their  minds to the infinite  possibilities can we expect to achieve a better future for every life on earth .

The author, after a short introduction of the poem , goes a step further and urges the young reader to think out of the box ,to ask questions to themselves , to discuss with their friends and family , what they can do for the Mother Earth .Thus the reader can be an active participant to the Green movement and can act  in tune with the nature and become the harbinger of change for the fast vanishing species that inhabit our beautiful  planet .

There is a very valuable section in this book  which talks about 9 ways to be show love and kindness for nature.

This book has just 13 pages from cover to cover, but every word is a pearl and encompasses a whole lot of wisdom .

The illustrations by Murali Nagapuza are vivid, mesmerizing and enchanting and transport you into a verdant forest full of beautiful creatures. Murali  brings alive the flora and fauna of his land through his drawings .This book would lose half of its charm if it were not for these marvelous pictures.

Just like we have coffee table books in our living rooms, this is one book that should be in every home, on every child’s shelf ,reminding them that they need to be kind and compassionate if they want to nurture our planet just like the Earth has nurtured us.

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