“Earth Is Calling” – Will you Listen ?

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 I like being alive .Period.

Well to your ”So do I ” my answer is a query .

“What on earth are you doing  to sustain yourself and this planet to ensure that we and our generations remain alive ?”

It is our duty and the need of the hour to ensure that we sustain our ecosystems to ensure a peaceful existence free from man-made calamities .


Studio NH 47, a Bangalore based band, has created this video and song for Earth Day(22nd April). Green Yatra, an NGO dedicated to conservation and protection of nature, is supporting this green effort to save our planet .

I hope this foot tapping number has also inspired you enough to do your bit for our green planet- The Earth .

Statistics tell us that about 14 billion trees need to be planted every year for 10 consecutive years ” to take care of  the environmental mess we have created .

1.Each one of us can vow to plant a tree every month or whenever possible to contribute to restoring our green cover .

2.Segregating waste into bio-degradable and non-biodegradable and then composting the biodegradable waste .Making compost is very easy ,you can learn it here .Compost is a great way of providing essential nutrients to your lovely greens and take care of your waste too in an eco-friendly manner .

My Home Grown Beans 

3.Carry Jholas ALWAYS to reduce plastic consumption .

4. Recycle your old things instead of throwing them away .What is waste for me can be a need for someone else .So instead of throwng old books, toys ,clothes etc  donate them to charities or anyone you think may need it now that you do not need it.

5.I just try to conserve energy by switching off lights and electronics when  not in use .Also one can use solar powered geysers , lights and fans to conserve energy .

6.Lastly , do not restrict the good work to yourself.Educate and encourage others to follow your example specially children .

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