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We all have gone through the phase when a visiting Uncle and Aunty would invariably pop the question ,”Toh 12th ke baad … Kya Socha ?”

Even though the question would be addressed to us ,but it was indirectly addressed to our parents .
Our generation did not have the freedom to project our views,it was what our parents thought was best for us , or what would be prestigious .

But times are changing ,here are 5 reasons why I would not force my daughter or son to go to the same college as I did .

1.In this age of internet ,the new generation is leaps and bounds ahead of us when it comes to information.This generation is much more vociferous and opinionated and dare I say with strong background work done and so I would respect that.I would let them make their own choices .

2.Not everyone can be a doctor or an engineer as some of our parents may have learned the hard way .Many young lives have been destroyed while trying to fit into these dream jobs .One just needs to look around and explore the avenues .

3.With a wide variety of new subjects and curriculums introduced at undergraduate level and changing requirements in the corporate sector ,one can choose what appeals to them and excel in that field.

4.Earlier there were a handful of institutes, mostly government ones ,but now the education sector has the best names and facilities with private universities entering the field .So why to stick to the old rigmarole and why not#Think Big “!

5.Last but not the least ,the playing field in government institutes is somewhat restricted now with caste based reservations and  political interference and government restrictions .With most government institutes hiking their fees significantly , it makes more sense to weigh the choices and choose what fits the aptitude and interest of the student and the budget of the parents (with education loans available easily even budgets are not constraints for availing admission to a good institute and follow your dream career ).

So ,when the the next time I am asked the question “Toh 12th ke baad … Kya Socha ?” for my child’s future , I am not going to answer for him /her .
I would not force him to study in the same college as I did ,or ask him/her to follow my profession because I know the ropes of my profession and can guide him/her .

Just give them wings … and let them soar .Let them  #ThinkBIG !!!

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