Fabindia Fruity Vanilla Lip Butter Review

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Dry lips is a common effect of dry weather , not drinking enough water , licking the lips regularly and  even  due to an allergy to a lip product .It is something we have to frequently face and so a lip balm is a staple of my skincare regime .


I got it from the Fabindia outlet at Great India Place ,Noida .

Price –  It is so inexpensive , I got it for just Rs 95/- for  10 gms .That is a lot of product at this price .


Presentation – Nothing fancy about it .It comes in a simple plastic tub with different lip butters marked in different colors .This one comes in a cream coloured jar with a twist open cap .Small and sturdy .

                                   PROS of  Fabindia Fruity Vanilla Lip Butter


  1. Sturdy packaging ,travel friendly .Easy to identify colour coding 
  2. Moisturising 
  3. Helps in soothing chapped lips
  4. Natural ingredients
  5. Delicious Vanilla smell , I am tempted to eat it 🙂

                                    CONS of Fabindia Fruity Vanilla Lip Butter


  1. It comes in  a jar , so you have to make sure that you have clean fingers before applying which can be a hassle while travelling .Also it makes the fingers messy .
  2. Has a thick texture and is not at all butter-y and I am afraid that the winters may make it quite difficult to apply .
  3. Does not give any coverage for pigmented lips
  4. Does not have SPF
  5. Does not give glossiness if that is what you are looking for .
FINAL VERDICT – I would rate this a 3/5 .
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