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Last week I was invited to a tasting session at Simply Sushi ,located in PVR Director’s cut, Ambience Mall (Delhi ).But I just can’t venture into my “First Sushi Experience ” before gushing about the PVR Director’s cut !

The PVR Director’s Cut Auditorium

The PVR Director’s Cut  has four auditoriums all fitted with plush leather sink-in sofas that transform into a couch at the press of a button .Another press of a button and you can order your favourite food  delivered hot (or cold if its ice-cream) at your seat .Talking of food,they have more than 8 flavors of popcorn – all gourmet flavors like black grape, pineapple, mango, orange, and more , some great organic ice creams and also one of the best sushi bars . All the gourmet offerings are available for in-seating dining thus taking your movie experience to another level altogether .

The auditoriums are also furnished with Special couple seats for a more cosy movie experience .

Menu -Page 1

Menu -Page 2
More than anything, I loved their special members Only lounge that is open to non- members once a week.It is a plush and luxurious lounge where you can relax or dine in or enjoy their great wine collection.The Director’s cut Members only lounge boasts of a wine cellar housing more than 200 bottles of the best wines and through their specifically imported wine dispensers, you can now enjoy a glass each of any three wines of your choice for as low as Rs1499/- !!

You also get Free pick and drop for movies (conditions apply ).
The Plush Members Lounge at PVR Director’s Cut


Now, what more can you ask for when you are looking for a movie experience that pampers all your senses too .

And now that my initial excitement has subdued,let me share the second exciting part of the day- The Sushi Experience !

The Tokyo style live sushi bar

The Simply Sushi Counter at PVR Director’s Cut has a live kitchen where you can watch the Sushi Chefs at work .This 9-seater sushi bar might be small, but it delivers on big promises.

Celebrated Chef Yutaka  Saito (Earlier at Megu ,Leela Palace ) is the man behind the mission to make Sushi a more popular option for all.


“With Simply Sushi, we aim to demonstrate that good quality Japanese food can also be popular and enjoyed in a casual setting, not necessarily in a five star hotel. Simply Sushi is open to the general public as well – not just moviegoers”, Chef Saito says.

These words gave some solace and courage to the reluctant carnivore within me. Being a food blogger, I have to taste all sorts of meats but I prefer vegetarian food any day over non -vegetarian food .So you could well imagine my fear of trying Sushi .I was scared that I may find it obnoxious and yet I wanted to try this famous cuisine .

I understand that most of you know what Sushi is, but I shall give a bit of its background for those readers who are not aware of Sushi .


Fresh cuts of Salmon and Tuna

Sushi is a Japanese dish that uses specially prepared vinegar-ed medium grained white rice (called sushi-meshi), usually with some sugar and salt, combined with a variety of ingredients like seafood, vegetables, and occasionally fruits. It is wrapped in edible seaweed (nori) and then presented for eating .
Sushi  is often prepared with raw seafood,but some varieties of sushi use cooked ingredients such as Calamari, Eel, and Imitation Crab meat.

The typical table setting for a Sushi Meal


Sushi is essentially served with pickled ginger (gari), wasabi (or horseradish paste), and soy sauce (or tamari). Daikon radish is popular as a garnish. Green tea is mostly served ( I had matcha flavor) along side to sip along in between bites . Traditionally warm sake (japanese beer ) is served just before starting the Sushi meal .

So here goes my tasting story :

California rolls – California rolls use rice on the outside and the nori is on the inside this is considered good for beginners to Sushi .So I tried my hands at California rolls first


1. California Rolls of Asparagus ,Carrot and Avocadao – This was delicious ,creamy with milf flavors exploding in the mouth as you gently rolls and chew the sushi in your mouth .Though my friend snubbed me saying there is no such thing as a vegetarian Sushi (like no such thing as vegetarian Biryani!).

Spicy Miso Salmon Nigiri

 2. Spicy Miso Salmon Nigiri – This is hand pressed Suhi rice topped with a slice of topping (neta) in my case-Salmon . It had Miso sauce and I loved the soft and fresh Salmon.They say if it smells then the fish is not fresh .So at least I can vouch that this one was very fresh and quite tasty .You have to eat it in one mouthful or two so there is not not much room to navigate once it goes in – but for sure I liked this one and I am happy that Sushi from Simply Sushi was my first sushi experience and will be a benchmark for me for future possible Sushi forays.


3. Spicy Tuna and Spicy Crab Dynamite rolls – These are  california rolls that have nori (seaweed) on the inside with the filling of tuna and avocado and the sushi rice on the outside .It wa stopped with crab meat and garnish. I liked it but not as much as the salmon rolls,so I guess I do not dig Tuna much .The added mayonnaise gave  a creamy taste to this roll .

        Tuna Tartare on a bed of avocado mash with Tortillas


4. Japadogs -If you love your hot dogs, you have to try the Japadog,these are good old-fashioned hot dogs with a Japanese twist.
“Chef Saito has been playing around with ingredients and come up with ingenious ideas like a pork hot dog spruced up with freshly grated daikon and zesty soya, or chicken hot dog with wasabi mayo, teriyaki sauce and seaweed.


The Japadog 

I tried the Onion Teriyaki Chicken Japadog – This was very good indeed with the chewy chicken and the caramelised  tariyaki onions giving it a sweet and sour hit .I recommend this !

There was a vegetarian version – The Cheese stick Japadog – where the chicken was replaced with Cottage Cheese patties but I did not like it as much in terms of texture and flavors as the Teriyaki Onions Japadog .

Nigiri platter of Eel ,Tuna ,white fish and Salmon


Desserts – I tried the White Sesame Gelato and the Matcha Gelato .While Both were good and tasted true to their names – The white sesame was more sweet and I liked the mild Matcha one closer to my liking .

Matcha Gelato and White Sesame Gelato 


Thus my afternoon of Sushi Tasting came to an end and I left with a full stomach and a very light and happy heart !

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