Five Must have Shoes Every Woman must Possess

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The market today is full of mind boggling variety of footwear ranging from the most high end ones that will put you back by half a million to the more affordable shoes for  woman that you will find on most street markets .So here is a list of basic shoes for your closet that will come in handy at all times and save some precious moolah by narrowing down the number of shoes :
1.Black Pumps  – Pumps are basically shoes that have  closed counters and a cut out top line which exposes most of  the top of the foot from the toe box onwards. A classic pump has a seamless vamp and is made without laces, buckles, straps or ties.


However certain toe box styles have been introduced like peep toes, open toes, pointed toes, rounded toes, ankle straps and other adornments, and they can have heels of varying heights and types too.
A basic black mid heeled pump is the little black dress of fashion .It accentuates the calves and adds height to your frame .They will never let you down – be it a formal do or a party and  pull together any outfit and give you effortless sophistication .

2. Ankle strap sandals – Sandals are an open type of footwear that keeps almost all of the foot bare, except by straps going over the instep and, sometimes, around the ankle ,consisting of a sole held to the wearer’s foot. Sandals can also have a heel.                                
A nude coloured ankle strap , barely there sandals give the illusion of longer and slimmer legs .Best worn with skinny jeans and skirts but can be worn with mostly anything .

3. Sleek Ankle boots – Ankle length boots in brown or black will not only keep your toes snug but also add an edge to your outfit .Ankle length boots are great for those who have short legs or thin legs unlike the knee length ones that need long legs to look good .From jeans to skirts of all lengths – it works with everything –from gothic to casual !

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4. Loafers /Moccasins – Till now loafers were something only men wore, but this comfortable shoe is a woman’s best friend.  Loafers are shoes that do not have to be laced up and one can just slide the foot in for the same reason, they are called slip-ons. Usually, loafers have a low heel or no heel. It is great for casual outings and occasions that call for you to be on your feet for a long time .They go well with almost all outfits from jeans to long or short skirts .You can choose in pretty pastel shades or go bold with red or blue !



5.Sports Shoes or Sneakers  – When I say shoes I mean all types of shoes  for all occasions – including sports and fitness and a basic training shoe that has a flexible sole and is lightweight enough for all sorts of fitness activity. You can get a decent pair of sports shoes for women under 500 or if you are seriously into sports then it may set you back by a few thousands .Nevertheless a good pair of  sport shoes is a must for  your shoe closet .Not only are they highly comfortable for those long shopping trips or running on the treadmill but they are also a style statement .You can pair them with faded jeans or skirts and shirt dresses for a casual or bohemian look .    




You can add various more shoe styles to this list –Espadrilles, Kitten heels, Brogues ,Stilettos etc., but these basic shoes whether they are  Jimmy choo or more affordable shoes for women , will suffice for all your daily needs and fashion statements .

So, Happy Shoe Shopping to You !

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