Fragrance Review – Calvin Klein OBSESSED EDT for Men

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  I am back with another fragrance review from the house of Calvin Klein.This is a relatively new Fragrance launched in 2017  and the nose behind this perfume is  Ilias Ermenidis ( the nose behinf Givenchy pour Homme, Gucci by Gucci Mustang ,Vera Wang Princess  etc.) and Christophe Raynaud ( the nose behind Azarro Now Men, Cacharel Yes I Am and Antonio Banderas The Secret).                                   


PRICE – I actually got it as a gift sample but you can also get it at for Rs 3875/- for 75 ml and also Rs 5450 for 100 ml.

This is how tiny this Obsessed by Calvin Klein looks !


A clear, glass rectangular oval flacon which goes with the brand’s unisex image.It has the rectangular shape depicting masculinity but rounded smooth edges showing a softness too.

The clear white bottle gives the impression that this fragrance is apt for summer and day wear .



TOP  Notes – Grapefruit,Sichuan Pepper,Oro Blanco, Black Cardoamom,
HEART Notes – Cedar Leave, Labdanum, Firnat, Blonde leather
BASE   Notes –  Patchouli, Black Vanilla infusion , Ambrox Super


PROS of Calvin Klein OBSESSED  for Men


1. I feel this is a rather affordable perfume .
2. Although the bottle says “for Men” this is not a very macho fragrance and can be worn by ladies  too !
3. It is a Warm,Oriental ,Woody and Spicy perfume .The opening notes are sharp Spicy and Cedar for me,it then settles to a sweeter but not overtly Vanilla and Amber.I do not notice the other notes palpably.
4. Moderate Sillage and lasting power, more of a skin scent .


CONS of  Calvin Klein OBSESSED for Men

1.Some readers may find this expensive at almost 4K for 75ml and sadly it does not last
2.It does not settle to a soft or powdery scent and the spice and wood are overpowering though they do not last long !
3.It smells like a cheap aftershave
4.It does not last more than 1-2 hours and then you can only smell it on the skin.

FINAL VERDICT  – I rate it a 3/5 .

With a name like that I was expecting a  musky ,brooding powerful presence but this one does not talk of that to me.This is the perfume for an outdoorsy person , a free and strong spirit !

Other than giving an invigorating jolt of wood and spice ,it does not do much for my mood or spirits even when my Man wears it though I must confess it smells better on him than me .

It is too sharp to wear on a summer day in the Indian weather but can uplift your spirits on a cold and rainy day because of the warm spice.I still am not going to buy the full bottle after trying this sample.

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