Fragrance Review – Creed Millesime Imperial – A Unisex Perfume

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Today I shall be reviewing a perfume from another famous perfume house -The Creed Millesime Imperial for Men from the House of Creed.
The House of Creed was a British Foundation and is now based in Paris.They started out as a Tailoring business that catered to the topmost echelons of British society and later on branched into the fragrance business.The House of Creed creates its perfumes in-house by the Father-Son duo of two perfumers.The current generation consists of Oliver Creed and his son Erwin Creed.

Oliver Creed has been the nose behind some famous fragrances like  Green Irish Tweed, Millesime Imperial, Silver Mountain Water and Aventus among others.


Creed Millesime Imperial for Men

This fragrance was launched in 1995, Olivier Creed being the nose behind this launch.

Price – Rs 41483/- for 120 ml ( I know that is whopping ! ).
I was lucky to get the samples from them.

Presentation  – The  fragrance comes in a solid cuboid royal white and gold flacon and looks quite majestic and Imperial.

Seen in the pic is a sample atomiser,
the actual bottle is a white and gold flacon


The fragrance has been described as a Warm and romantic, unisex one

Notes – The main accords are Marine , Salty Citrus, Aromatic ,Fruity
Top Notes – Fruit ,Sea Salt
Middle Notes – Lemon , Bergamot , Mandarin Orange and Iris 
Base Notes  – Musk, Woody and Marine 
The Creed Millesime Imperial is a Fresh,
Citrus ,Warm and Unisex Fragrance

What  I liked about Creed Millesime Imperial

1. It is Unisex so both the ladies and gents can indulge in it- more value for money.
2. Its Fresh Fruity and Marine notes make it ideal for Summers .
3. The Iris,Citrus, Marine and Musk notes shone in this and I loved them though it has sea salt,fruity      and woody notes too but they were not so prominent.
4. It has moderate longevity and lasted through the night on my skin in cold weather.
5. The Sillage is moderate, so it does not waft much , which works for me.

What  I disliked about Creed Millesime Imperial 

1.I wish it had something more Imperial about it – Imperial to me means something that immediately creates an impact , but this is not an impactful fragrance , it is gentle and pleasant ,neither overpowers not dominates but definitely registers its presence .
2.Very Expensive – It is not an affordable perfume maybe that’s why the Imperial tag !


I rate it a 3.5/5 , The perfume is pleasant and I specially love the marine and musky notes but it does not have a strong individuality and presence that would make me remember it.It feels generic and is very expensive too.

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