Fragrance Review – Yardley English lavender EDT

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I received this fragrance as a  gift on Mother’s day from my sweethearts .Needless to say I was overjoyed to see them putting in so much effort to make me happy. They added a personalised note to the gift too !

Price  – Rs 849/- for 125 ml

Presentation – It comes in a cylindrical tall glass bottle with a golden top .

It claims to have top notes of Lavender leaves, Neroli and clary sage , Middle notes of Lavender oil and geranium and base notes of sandalwood ,tonka beans and musk .

What I liked about  Yardley English lavender EDT

1. The price is very affordable .

2. It has good longevity ,one would think that a cheap perfume may not last long but this one does last 3-4 hours easily even in hot summer season .

3. A moderate sillage (diffusion power).

4. A  nice floral Fougere perfume , like freshly cut grass ,great for summers .Can be worn as Night fragrance too .It has strong and sharp notes of Lavender probably because of the lavender oil , I can only smell lavender,geranium and musk though .


                  What I did not like about  Yardley English lavender EDT

1. It has a very sharp smell , and it does not dilute over time ,so I generally stick to one spray or two .

2. It is a unidimensional perfume , not complex , not layered .Though some may like it because it  stays true with the passage of time .

3. For some strange reasons it gives me an old woman feel !

FINAL VERDICT – I rate it a 3.5/5 .A pocket friendly,long lasting perfume worth trying .

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