Funny Ads that Fizzled Out

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Going through the #CrashThePepsiIPl  ads I was hugely entertertained by some of them , while some of them  tried hard but still fell flat and some started of with lot of promise but ended up being a miss(as in far off the mark  rather than a nubile, young girl ) instead of being a hit.

Today I will share some of the videos that according to me (for they may as well go on to become the finalists if the judges like them) held promise but fizzled out finally .

1.Fizzy Fizzy Pepsi– This ad showed a rotund Sardarji vying for the gaming console with his friends .The friends do not entertain him , pissed off he goes to the fridge and takes out a Pepsi and as he tries to gulp down the Pepsi , he is attacked by his friends and his Pespi is snatched away.

I think the over all negativity is what makes this ad less interesting .Had the tables been turned on the friends , it could have been more entertaining and who does not like a happy ending?

2.Pespistious- This  ad is about how every time the boy drinks Pepsi , his team scores better and so drinking Pepsi can be lucky for your team. The drawback here is that there is no element of surprise , no twist ,no punchline that can add some punch to this ad .It is a flat ad and I saw a similar ad about Pespi superstition already but that was made slightly better than this one .


3.Best Preworkout Drink – The heading says it all .A boxer is shown practicing his punches on a punching bag without any success.He drinks Pepsi and becomes a terminator , a muscle machine .

Here again the model is O.K. but I felt like there could be more to it to give it a zing.


4.Pepsi Sit -ups – A man asks his (?friend) for a sip of his Pepsi and his friend says that he has to to sit-ups to get the Pepsi and the rest of the ad shows us the man complying with 10 sit-ups and getting his Pepsi .So what is so great about ten sit-ups for a Pepsi or even hundred for that matter.We are not entertained by a man doing sit ups .It does not amuse or inform or shake us.It does nothing to stay in the memory .
5.Bear with it– Guess what ? Here again no imagination is used .When they say bear with a Pepsi , they actually show you a man dressed as a bear guzzling pepsi and then telling us ,”Bear with a Pepsi!” .So life becomes bearable if one has Pepsi !
Also if one is a grizzly Bear !
Guys let us just stick to Pepsi being a peppy , sweet, caffeinated areated drink and why we like it or what can it do for us .
Pepsi can get you a girl, give you friends,make you energetic etc will do .Guys,give us something to recall ,something that makes us smile, laugh or sit up and take notice .
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