Garnier Ultra Blends -Blackberry and Henna Conditioner Review

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I wanted to review this conditioner along with the shampoo review itself but was a bit occupied and could not do it but better late than never and so here is the review of Garnier Ultra Blends Blackberry and Henna Conditioner .


Price – Rs 75/- for 75 ml

PROS of Garnier Ultra Blends -Blackberry and Henna Conditioner

  1. Affordable and easily available 
  2. Sturdy and travel friendly packaging
  3. Easy to work with, spreads easily on the hair shafts 
  4. Mild fruity fragrance
  5. Leaves hair softer than without conditioner  
             CONS of  Garnier Ultra Blends -Blackberry and Henna Conditioner
  1. I do not like the fragrance, good thing that it’s mild and does not linger 
  2. It does not make much of a difference to the hair texture ,I feel the hair is smoother to some extent but it is not a significant change
  3. The effect on my hair lasts hardly for one day 


FINAL VERDICT – I rate it a 3/5 .
I have generally skipped using this after using the Garnier Ultra Blends -Blackberry and Henna shampoo and I found that the effect was better if I used it with the shampoo .Nothing noteworthy here ,it is an average product and I will not be buying it again .

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