Harvesting Wind Energy for Sustainability #InWithWind

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After, more than two years of struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world now faces an unparalleled economic and ecological challenge. The speed with which the world recovers will be determined by our collective decisions in the months ahead. We have to create jobs and accelerate our economies.


Accelerated growth would mean an increased demand for power without compromising on sustainability. Wind Energy as a power source cannot be overlooked. Harvesting Wind energy will contribute to the green recovery by providing jobs, clean and affordable electricity, and energy security and allowing governments to update vital infrastructure for a long-term future.



Harvesting Wind Energy


7 important facts about Harvesting Wind Energy


1. The electricity generated from the Earth’s atmosphere’s naturally flowing air is called Wind energy.
2. We have been harvesting Wind energy for thousands of years, history mentions the use of wind energy in Ancient Egypt for sailing large ships across the river Nile and flour mills in Europe.
3. Wind energy is harvested through wind farms. A wind farm is a collection of wind turbines that form a type of  power plant, producing electricity from wind.
Harvesting Wind Energy
A Wind Farm

4. Wind  being a renewable resource that will not be exhausted via use, it has much lower environmental and climate impact than burning fossil fuels.


5. Once installed, wind turbines have a low operating cost, as wind is for free.

6. Wind turbines can be unsightly and noisy so we need to work towards technology to minimize noise from the  turbines and also reduce possible damage to aerial life.

7. Wind energy is one of the world’s fastest growing energy sources.

What places are good for harvesting Wind Energy?


Some great places to install a wind turbine are -the tops of rounded hills, broad plains (or open water for offshore wind), and mountain passes where wind is naturally funneled through. These sites give constant high velocity wind for power generation. The greater the elevation, the better, because higher elevations are more likely to have more wind.

According to key international energy institutes IRENA and the IEA our present growth rates are lagging behind a net zero trajectory, and we will only be able to generate 43% of the required wind capacity by 2050. To achieve our targets the annual wind energy installations must multiply three times worldwide over the next decade to get back on track.


Harvesting Wind energy
Gujarat is the leader in India in harvesting Wind Energy – Source 2


On #WorldWindEnergyDay, let all nations come together for a concerted effort to quickly innovate and implement sustainable energy resources like wind and solar power to support our growth without compromising on the future of our earth.


(This post is my contribution to Blogchatter’s initiative  #CauseAChatter to raise awareness about #Climate Change )

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