Himalaya almond and rose soap

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Dry skin is a common issue in winters and putting a lot of creams and lotions is not enough in winters.Soaps can further rob the skin off moisture yet I being a soap loving traditional person ,ventured out to try another soap – The  Himalaya almond and rose soap .

The  Himalaya almond and rose soap calims to moisturise and cool our skin.

   Price –   I got it from my local store .It is not expensive at all.I got it only for ₹40 for 125 gms        
The PROS of The  Himalaya almond and rose soap 
1. Easily available .
2. Being a soap , it is easy to carry – no spills 🙂
3. Inexpensive 
4. Refreshes and moisturises – I found that it cleanses my skin like any other average soap bar and does not feel  drying .
5. Has a very pleasant but delicate flowery and nutty smell .It does not linger for long though .

The CONS of The  Himalaya almond and rose soap 

1. It does not foam easily , takes a lot of rubbing to give lather , maybe that is to reduce the drying  effect but It does feel time consuming .
2. It does not dry the skin much but is not moisturising either .
FINAL VERDICT – I am not going to repurchase it because other than the fragrance ,it is an average performer in terms of cleansing and moisturisng . Otherwise it is a great- smelling , good everyday soap .

Nothing luxurious about it . It would be foolish to expect luxury at such a cheap price anyways .

For the above reasons I rate it a 3/5  .

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