How to plan your Travel with Kids

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I love to travel and explore new places but since I had kids , a few things  have become  very important  while planning a getaway holiday.Today I am going to share some of the tips that I have gained from my good and bad experiences while travelling with the apple of my eyes .I hope they make your vacations an unforgettable experience .

So for me ,the first and foremost thing is First Aid .I make sure that I carry a small box of first aid kit with me ,It generally contains medicines for fever , some anti -allergics ,a few painkillers and some medicines for vomiting and diarrhoea ,a few Band-Aids , a broad spectrum antibiotic tube and I am ready .

The second most important thing is food .When I was single I was very cautious about what I had when travelling, but after marriage I became little experimentative in my food ventures .But with children I have reverted to my old self  once again. So fresh and hygienic food is very important .Healthy children are also the most happy children and if children are happy then we too enjoy more.

I remember an unfortunate stay where though we were able to get a glass of milk for my son (who would just not sleep without getting his daily dose of hot milk )but we got it about two and a half hours after ordering for it ,by which time the poor child had gone to sleep but not without howling for half an hour .

I make sure that the place where we would stay ,would either be situated close to markets where we can get fresh fruits or the place has good 24 hour restaurant .Though now I have grown smarter and I carry some milk powder- just in case .

Another smart way is to book your holiday package with a trusted  brand like Club Mahindra .These resorts are well- equipped and child friendly with lot of indoor and out door sports facilities that keeps the children engaged and happy .You too can enjoy the luxury of these resorts by becoming a member  here — .It also contains some very cute travelogues and fun experiences contributed by children .

I also make sure to ” Google-up “reviews of fellow travellers about places that I plan to visit and stay at to get a rough idea of the place .

I remember while visiting Mumbai , my children were complaining that we were only visiting religious places (Haji Ali, Siddhi Vinayak Mandir etc ).Most of the children have very little interest in religion and architecture .So it is important to include some fun places to explore while in a tourist spot like a zoo , museum,amusement park etc .

The hotel or resort where you plan to stay should have good connectivity to airports and railway stations , also it would be a bonus if they can arrange for a pick up ride to the hotel.

Of course , the rooms should be comfortable and airy  with basic amenities like a T.V. , hot showers ,clean sheets and extra bedding on demand .Hot water is important because while travelling ,sometimes it gets very tiring at the end of the day and a hot shower helps in relaxing the tired muscles .

Another plus thing that I loved during one of my stays in a three star hotel was the fact that they kept an electric kettle and extra tea , coffee and milk pouches in the room .So there is  no need to call up  room service if your child is crying for milk or if you just want to have some hot coffee at midnight !

Keeping  the above things in mind , has ensured that my family vacations have always been full of  pleasant memories to cherish even after the trip is over .

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