K5 Himalayan Bhutanese Whisky Review

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K5 Himalayan Whisky is Bhutan’s first whisky, blended and bottled in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. The product is named “K5” after Bhutan’s 5th King, HM King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, and his ascension to the royal throne.

This whisky is based on a Bhutanese recipe compiled by distillers from The Gelephu Distillery for the Bhutanese Army Welfare Project.


Availability – It is not available in India currently, mine was a gift from a friend who visited Bhutan.


Composition of K5 Himalayan Whisky


Sixty-five percent of this blended whiskey is made up of 8-12-year-old malt whiskies distilled in Scotland and aged in bourbon and sherry casks. The remaining thirty-five percent of the whiskey is made of  Bhutanese organic grain spirit, distilled with Himalayan glacial water which is said to give it a lovely mild fruitiness with a lingering sweet taste of sherry from the maturation in sherry oak casks.





Whiskey Tasting notes


Colour – Light gold, pale straw

Aroma – Traces of Hay ,Honey ,Oaky

Taste – Base Note: Fresh green vegetal notes with some traces of grass.
Fresh oak is the mid-note.
Finally, there’s  a subtle hint of smokiness.

Finish – Lengthy with sherry cask sweetness


My thoughts


With its slightly sweet taste and green notes , this can be a good whisky for beginners. Additionally it would be a great base for some exciting whiskey based cocktails like Old fashioned and Whiskey sour.

The K5 may not appeal to those looking for a more evolved palate , more richness to the mouthfeel or those who prefer a more smoky peaty finish.


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