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Today I shall do a short review of the Kama Mridul Soap free face cleanser . I received this sample in my February Fabbag , you can read about the other contents of this FabBag here .I am going to use this along with the Kama Brightening Night Cream for a week and tell you how good or bad it was for me .


PRICE – Rs 295 /- for 40 gms 
Since I have received a sample so I shall not comment on the original packaging and directly go to the review .
HOW TO USE -This is a dry powder and two pinches is enough for one time cleanse . It needs to be mixed with milk for dry skin or combination skin and with rose water for oily skin .I used Rose water and made a paste .Well not exactly a paste as it is not that fine  but still it can be applied easily and then I left it on the face for few minutes and rubbed it off .Finally I washed my face with clean
cold water.Only mix what you need for immediate use (though a paste made of Mridul will keep in the refrigerator for a week). Use daily in place of soap.


PROS of Kama Mridul Soap free face cleanser
1. Soap free , soap tends to be harsh on the skin and the chemical can cause dryness and irritation .
2. Completely natural   It contains purely herbal constituents so once again free from allergens and    irritants , also more Eco friendly.
3. Since it is a dry powder , it is light weight and easy to carry , no fear of spilling .
4. Has a nice fougere fragrance like herbs.
5. Not just cleans but also has mild exfoliating action as you can see through my pic below.
6. Leaves the skin softer and glowing .


CONS of Kama Mridul Soap free face cleanser

1. Slightly expensive ,but considering its benefits I do not think it will hurt .

2. Availability is a problem, it is available only at its outlets here and online  at Amazon.com  and 
  Kama Ayurveda  and FabBag

My face before cleansing with Mridul soap free cleanser
My face after using the Mridul soap free cleanser with rose water

FINAL VERDICT – I have always been partial towards natural products and I am totally in love with it .Since I am not using any other face wash of cleanser , I can safely say that it definitely makes skin more soft and smooth and cleans well . It is too early to comment about whether it prevents acne and whiteheads . Maybe if I use it for a month I may be able to say more but the effect of the few washes so far gives me the confidence to believe that it should work on preventing blackheads and acne too.I rate this a 4.6/5 .Minus marks for availability and uncertainty about acne otherwise it is a great product and I feel suitable for most age groups from teenagers to late thirties .

Do you use ayurvedic products ?
If yes , have you tried Kama Ayurveda  and how did you like it ?

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