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When living legends like Kapil Ramlal Nikhanj a.k.a Kapil Paji say something ,the whole world sits up and takes notice .This Indian all rounder has done India proud by bringing home the World Cup trophy for the first time in 1983 for India.This debonair cricketer is respected both on and off the field for his warmth and experience.

Kapil Dev was born in Chandigarh .His parents had migrated from Rawalpindi to Chandigarh at the time of partition .He started his career in 1975 with domestic cricket and soon became a shining  star on the cricketing horizon and retired after alomost two decades of illustrious performances in 1994 but not before breaking Sir Richard Hadlee’s world record of maxiumum wickets taken .

Of late the twitter world is abuzz with a new name –Kapil Dev Ek Nayi League !

                         Which set me wondering about what it could be all about because there is a lot of secrecy around it .A few videos of Kapil Dev have also been doing rounds of the internet with him claiming that though cricket can be played from the heart and playing from the heart will win you matches but if you play from the heart in this league, you will be out for a Googlie.There is another video addressing Bittoo Sharma  also known as Kapil Sharma of “Comedy Nights with Kapil “T.V. show where again Kapil Paji though on one hand praises the comedian Kapil Sharma for having guts and courage to dream and aspire for big things in life but in the same breath , he warns that  if Bittoo plays from the heart on this Nayi League then he will be out on a Googlie too , however a brave heart he may be !

               Another video shows Kapil Dev addressing Sania Mirza and commending her performance as a top notch tennis player .He goes on to add that he admires her more so because in India very few women play tennis and for a woman to play so well as to get an international ranking of top twenty is an achievement of sorts .Kapil adds further that the reason he also admires Sania Mirza is because she is someone who plays the game “Dil se (from the heart )” .But his upcoming league is not to be played from the heart !

So Readers , what do you think Kapil dev has in store for us ?

Is it a new tournament `a la IPL , a new cricket league ??

If not from the heart , then does Kapil dev mean that it has to be played by using your brains ?

My guess is that probably Kapil Paji will be bringing a game changing T.V, show for us .He will probably be hosting celebrities on this show and asking them questions .Whether they would be related to cricket or the celebrity in question is everybody’s guess  ,but they would give nightmares to the celebs and keep the viewers glued to their seats is a fair enough guess as the charismatic Paji has years of experience in the media from the famous Palmolive da jawab nahin soap commercial to Idea Cellular,the  Padma shree and Arjuna awardee has been there, done that and successfully too !

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