Lakmé Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse review

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While checking out the new creaseless lipsticks at the Lakmé counter at Lifestyle , I stumbled upon what the SA called a “three -in-one ” foundation , actually a soufflé .About the creaseless lipsticks , there was none suitable for my pigmented lips , there were a few brownish shades but they had too much glitter which does not suit my already prominent lips .There were a few coral type colours but would not have looked good on pigmented lips .So highly disappointed with Lakmé for not having enough shades for dusky beauties 🙁



O.K. Now coming to the Lakmé Absolute Mattreal skin natural Mousse , it  promises to be something which saves time as you do not need a separate concealer ,foundation and compact .Just apply on moisturised face and your make up base is ready . At least that was what I was promised .


Price- Rs 700/- for 25 gms 


 PROS of Lakmé Absolute Mattreal skin natural Mousse in Honey Beige

1. Easily available , online and otherwise .

2. Available in 3 shades , mine was 05 Beige Honey .The other two shades available are Ivory Fair and Golden Medium .

3. Spreads very easily and evenly which saves time .

4. Gives a nice powdery finish which  is suitable for oily skin specially , though other skin types can also    use it after using a moisturiser .


5. Contains SPF  8 
6. Provides medium coverage  for slight flaws .
7. Claims to last for 16 hours .
8. Comes in a grey pearl coloured round bottle , which looks pretty from far .
9. Does not feel heavy or painted on , very light texture .


CONS of Lakmé Absolute Mattreal skin natural Mousse in Honey Beige

1. Pricey , pinches  the pocket !

2. More product is needed so doubly pinching the pocket !!



3. Only provides medium coverage for regular wear , I felt concealer will still be needed for heavier coverage if you do have acne marks or freckles or dark circles .



4. Very few shades are available .I prefer Lakmé as I think they have a wide collection of shades catering to every Indian complexion but this time I was disappointed .In fact I had a hard time deciding which shade would be more suitable as one looked slightly lighter and the other looked slightly darker .
5. In real life it lasts less than the proclaimed 16 hours  , about 4-6 hours maximum , I think in summers it would last even less .



Final Verdict –  I give it a 3.75 / 5 .To sum it up , it is a medium coverage , powder finish foundation very suitable for oily skin .I deduct marks for the limited number of shades and for the relatively high price .Lakme  has to rethink its pricing because it might loose on loyal fan following just because of the steep prices .

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