Lotus herbals Whiteglow Hand and Body lotion Review

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With dresses and skirts becoming the “in” thing once again ,keeping the arms and legs even toned and sun protected becomes necessary .Body lotions with added SPF are generally pretty good for this purpose so today Ishall be  sharing my experience with  Lotus herbals Whiteglow Hand and Body lotion .


Price and Presentation – Rs 295/- for 300 ml . This comes in a white plastic bottle with a pump dispenser .Sturdy and convenient to use . I think they have now discontinued with this product and relaunched it in the “Safe Sun ” range as nourishing body lotion with  SPF 25 in the trademark orange colour Safe Sun range .
    PROS of   Lotus herbals  Whiteglow Hand and Body lotion      
  1. Easily available and affordable .This one bottle with daily use is going to last two months very easily for me .
  2. Contains SPF 25 ,which is the minimum sun protection advised by dermatologists for daily use.
  3. I found its claims to lighten , whiten and brighten , true to some extent .The lotions leaves a thin matte cast which makes the skin look fairer on application.After using it for one week ,I find that my feet that get tanned easily  are looking less tanned and hence I find that this is effective to some extent surely .My skin looks more even toned .
  4. It has a thick consistency but spreads easily and gets absorbed fast .The fact that it is not very thin and runny helps in controlling the amount that I am using and helps in reducing wastage .
  5. Gives a matte finish within few minutes of application because of which my arms and legs do not look oily or sweaty , which I quite liked .
  6. Claims to contains natural extracts of  liquorice, green tea and lemon extracts to help in brightening though the actual ingredient list shows the same ingredients including parabens that regular sunscreens contain .

CONS of Lotus herbals  Whiteglow Hand and Body lotion 
  1. The fragrance is initially flowery but within seconds changes to a chemical smell though it is not strong and neither very noticeable , but to me ,that is a disadvantage because I like smelling good .
  2. Even though it claims to be a natural/herbal product it is actually a synthetic product with added natural extracts to strengthen their herbal claim.
  3. It mattifies after application which may be a con in the dry and cold weather .


FINAL VERDICT – I am not a whiteness freak but I found that this body lotion protected my skin better against tanning and sun burns and gave a more even toned look to my arms .Also I am happy that this does not make my arms sweaty and greasy .The only thing I do not like is the medicinal fragrance .
I am yet to use it in the winter season to see if it makes my skin dry or keeps it soft .

Till then, I rate it a 3.5/ 5 .

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