Mario Badescu Acne Spot Treatment Drying Lotion Review

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The Mario Badescu Acne Spot Treatment drying lotion
Mario Badescu is a celebrated skin care brand

My regular readers know that I have been fighting acne most of my adult life ( I hardly had them in my teens!) and always on the lookout for products that work on sensitive acne -prone skin. And I think I have found my one and only so today I am pretty excited to share one of my HG product for acne – The Mario Badescu Acne spot treatment drying lotion.


About Mario Badescu Brand


Mario Badescu started their business in 1967 from a two room apartment in Manhattan. Mr. Badescu was a chemist and he started his business as a beauty salon with their personal product line. With time their facial treatments became quite popular with film stars and supermodels. And as they grew in popularity the demand for their products too grew and now they are a force to reckon with. Their range of skin care products have stood the test of time. The Mario Badescu Acne spot treatment drying lotion , that we will review today, is one of their hot best sellers.


Price of Mario Badescu Acne Spot Treatment


INR 1600/- for 1 fl oz  (29 ml )

I know it seems a bit too much , but paying a little extra is so much better than ruining your plans ! Don’t  you agree ?

I bought it from here 




Isopropyl Alcohol, Aqua , Calamine, Camphor, Sulfur, Zinc Oxide, Talc, Glycerin, Salicylic Acid, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide)


How to use Mario Badescu Acne Spot Treatment


It is quite easy – Dip, Dot, Don’t shake !

1 . Do not shake the bottle , let the layers be separated
2 . Cleanse your face with a  mild facewash and then tone if needed.
3 . Take a Q-tip and dip it all the way into the bottle, take it out and just dab onto the tip of the acne , leave overnight.
4 . If needed repeat again next evening at bed time.
5 . In the morning just , rinse with plain water
6 . Do not use if the skin is very red or broken


Mario Badescus Acne Spot Treatment Drying Lotion
Before and after Mario Badescu Acne spot treatment


Final verdict


I am delighted to have this product , in this world of unreliable relationships, this seems to be someone, who never lets me down. Here is what I found :

  1. As long as I take care to apply only on the affected area ( that is the tip of the pimple ) It did not irritate or burn my skin
  2. I saw visible results within 12 hours of application , it may take longer on some other types of acne
  3. My skin did not look or feel red and inflamed , as you can see in the picture
  4. This drying lotion did not cause fresh pimples like some acne products do
  5. Mario Bodescu Acne spot treatment did not leave behind any dark mark / hyperpigmentation


Of course your experience may differ based on the type of acne or underlying conditions and also if you are using other acne products. For me the Mario Badescu Acne spot treatment drying lotion has worked well as  a quick fix acne spot treatment !

Will I buy it again , of course !

Now tell me quickly in the comments below, what do you do to get rid of that pimple emergency ?

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