Matrix Biolage scalptherapie Anti Dandruff Shampoo

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Hello dear Friends !

I was just humming the Shaggy song “ In the summertime when the weather is high …”

Summer is fun too but can bring along a plethora of  problems .

For instance HAIRFALL !!!!



Hairfall can be caused by scalp infections and the best way to control them is to use a medicated shampoo which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties .

But most of the popular Anti-dandruff brands were making my hair brittle and unmanageable (as if humidity itself was not enough of the spoiler !)


Then I discovered a much touted shampoo from my Hair Stylist .He recommended ” The Matrix Biolage scalptherapie Anti Dandruff Shampoo ” to be used twice daily .

So did it help my tresses or did it fall flat on the tall claims ??? Read on to find out

Price   Rs 195/- for 200 ml .this one bottle lasts me a month .

Availability –It is available at all leading Hair Salons and also online at Purplle ,Violetbag

What Matrix Biolage Claims

Cleanses and purifies the scalp and hair. A technologically advanced combination of piroctone 

olamine and citric acid gently eliminates dandruff* flakes and helps prevent its reappearance. 

Leaves hair shiny, soft and refreshed .


Presentation–The packing is in a simple white bottle with a twist around cap .The cap has a flip 

open top .  It is opaque so little difficult to judge when you will be running out of supply .

The shampoo itself is white and slightly creamy in texture .very easy to spread and massage into the scalp .

After applying on wet hair ,the shampoo is supposed to be left on the scalp for 3-5 minutes and then it can be rinsed off .It lathers just enough to clean the scalp.


  1. I never had visible flakes only itchy scalp and hairfall and it helped both after 2-3 washes .
  2. Also helps in reducing the irritation of the scalp .
  3. Leaves my hair silky soft ,that is a big plus for me as I love my hair and can’t see it damaged .
  4. Very affordable .Rs 195 p.m. for great hair is no big deal .
  5. No need to use another shampoo after using this  .


  1. Availability is an issue .
  2. No travel sizes available ,you have to chug the whole bottle along or fill it in other small plastic bottles .
  3. Only a hint of fragrance ,which I do not mind  much as long as it keeps my scalp clean and fresh , but some like to have lingering fragrance after a shampoo .For them this might be a minus point .

Final Verdict— This is a great shampoo for both  men and women ,who have oily scalps and who suffer from hairfall as a consequence .It is my first choice of shampoo because it does not affect the softness and shine of my hair and leaves it salon perfect .

What do you use to control hairfall and dandruff ?

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