Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm in ” Fierce n Tangy ” review

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Hi Girls ( and Boys too) !

All the major brands are joining the tinted lip balm rush .Maybelline New York (MNY) has also launched further new lip balms in the ” Electro Pop Range “.They are available in in 4 different variants – Fierce N Tangy, Pink Shock , Berry Bomb and Oh! Orange.

Fierce n Tangy ” Electro Pop Lip balm  is a colourless lip balm while the rest three are colored one.
Today I am going to review “Fierce n Tangy ” Electro Lip Balm for you .I chose it because it is relatively colorless .

Price   – Rs 135 for 3.5 gms ,available easily online and offline too . The colored variants are priced higher at Rs 165 per tube .


PROS of  Fierce ‘n’ Tangy Electro Pop Lip Balm

1. Convenient Lipstick like twist up tube packaging

2. Easily available everywhere

3. Pocket friendly price

4. Slight tint of transparent color and sheen

5. Attractive Neon packaging

6. Definitely gives smoother lips

7. Avoids chapping of lips

8. Contains botanical extracts,shea butter and Vitamin E for healing lips

9. Contains sunscreen

10. Lemony fragrance and color


CONS of  Fierce ‘n’ Tangy Electro Pop Lip Balm

1.The only con is that fragrance is very slight

2.Gives very slight tint to the lips , though in this case it is a positive point as who wants Neon yellow lip unless you are dressing to be a joker or for Halloween .


Final verdict — It is as good as the earlier variants , no better no worse , I rate it 4.8/5.The attractive packaging though makes you lust for it and flaunt it …

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