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Hello Lovelies ,

How are you today ?

Today I bring to you my first venture into the shady side of the world .No, not the underworld !
I am talking about the world of eye shadows and to be precise about The Maybelline Diamond glow Eye shadow .

Price – Rs 475 for 2.5 gms ( different websites are also offering discounts ).

Availability -I brought it from Shopper’s Stop ,you can also buy it here at Jabong , ,

What Maybelline says

Add subtle shimmer to your eyes with Diamond glow eye shadow
Featuring an exclusive technology with a gem like sparkle this eye shadow gives your eyes a beautiful glow.
Easy to apply, you can accomplish the diamond glow effect in 4 simple steps!

Here’s why you’ll love it 

1.It is the creamiest powder launched by Maybelline .
2.Has exclusive technology with gem like sparkles that do not crush .
3.Gives eyes a glowing diamond effect in 4 simple steps . 

Presentation-It comes in a transparent ,plastic rectangular packaging .A small dual ended applicator for applying and blending from either side , is added on the side .The bigger side is for blending and the smaller side is for applying the colour .


It is available in 5 colour palettesGrey Pink Wine Pink , Ocean Blue , Lilac Mauve and Copper Brown .
I chose copper brown as it looked the best shadow for neutral and day wear .

How to use -An illustration is provided at the back of the pack which helps in easy application ,My advice is to use it with an eye primer so that it stays put better .Also instead of using the whole quad I use sometimes just one or two shades form the quad .I prefer to blend with my fingers .

The colour pay off on finger tips

The Product -The product is light and powdery in texture but there is not much fall out .It is not gritty .It shows better on the fingertips than on the face .


1.Four complementing eye shadows in one place .
2.Good for neutral eye make up .
3.Very little fall out , non- gritty and creamy feel .
4.Suitable for dusky skin
5.Good for beginners like me where you can try your hand at different colours .

This is how the colours look on me 


1. The price , a little too high for the tiny quantity .
2.Pigmentation is not great .If all the four shades are applied then you can’t even make out the different colours after application .
3.Does not look very pearly after application .

Final verdict – I give it a  3/5 , minus points for poor pigmentation and the pricing .

All in all , It is a good product ,you can use the different shades together or individually .The colour pay-off is a problem though .Very little fall off means that the whole face does not look full of glitter as time goes on which is a definite plus .So if you are a beginner and a die hard Maybelline fan go for it .

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