Maybelline Eye and Lips Make up Remover

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Maybelline Eye and Lips make up remover 

Hello Lovely ladies,
Maybelline Make Up Remover 

We all have used long stay make- up at some point of time because honestly who has the time to re-apply the make -up through out the day or to carry extra lipsticks for touch- ups .Also Indian summers call for waterproof make –up many a times .

Though long lasting make-up  does reduce the need for constant touch-ups and frequent  peeks into the mirror to see if  “ All  is well  “  but when the time comes to take it off , it is  …  such a pain ! Constant scrubbing and pulling at the eyes and lips to take off the stubborn long -stay make up and that too at the end of the day when you are so tired that you just want to crawl into your bed and snooze .
Imagine the relief I  felt when I was told about specialized products that can take off this kind of make-up in a jiffy !!!

You guessed it right,I am talking about The Eye and Lip make-up remover from Maybelline .


Read on to see my experience with this product .

Price—  Rs 215  for  70 ml .

Availability— I got it online from , you can also get it from other online shopping sites like BeautyKafe  here,Myntra here and Flipcart here .It is also easily available at most Maybelline stockists .

Packaging-It comes in a simple no fuss plastic bottle and contains a bi-phasic liquid more like  a suspension of blue and white liquids ,with a flip –open top .You have to shake the bottle well before use .

What  Maybelline Claims       

  • Remove make-up within minutes with Maybelline New York’s Eye & Lip Makeup Remover.· 
  • Featuring an effective formula, this makeup remover easily wipes away stubborn makeup, including waterproof mascara and lipstick. Formulated for sensitive eyes, it is ultra-gentle on the eyes and the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • Instantly removes waterproof mascara, eye and lip makeup
  • Is safe for sensitive eyes and is gentle on the skin around the eyes
  • Ophthalmologically and Dermatologically tested

Ingredients—Water,  Cyclopentasiloxane , Isohexadecane , Isopropyl palmitate , Panthenol , Dipotassium phosphate , Poloxamer 184 , Polyaminopropyl   biguanide , Potassium phosphate , Sodium chloride , CI 61565 , Green 6 etc .

·      Directions for use

      Shake the Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye & Lip bottle well .

·    Soak some cotton with this Makeup Remover Lotion .
     Gently apply over your lips or eyes and wipe clean .

The Product—It is a thin liquid feels  , slightly like baby oil and water mixed together , there is just a hint of fragrance which does not linger .From the pictures below you can see how effective it is. I have used very gentle swipes of cotton , no rubbing  , no tugging …and you can see the skin surface is left moisturised .

After First Swipe 
Long stay Eyeliner and Lipstick marks 
After 3rd Swipe 
After  2nd  SWIPE

The Cons

1.  The constant  shaking  everytime  before  use is a bit of a pain .
2.  More product is needed to take off the make-up.

The Pros 

1. Pocket  friendly compared to other products available for same purpose.

2. Gentle wipe is enough and does not sting the eyes and lips .

3. Effectively removes water proof and transfer resistant make-up .

4. Leaves the skin supple and moisturized .

5. Travel friendly , shuts tightly no fear of spills .

6. Ophthalmologically and dermatologically  tested  .


The Final Verdict– I would rate it 3.5 / 5 .All in all a good product , easily available , easy to use , easy to carry , delivers what it promises , gentle and effective on the toughest long stay make –up .

So , Happy looking-Pretty till we meet again !

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