Maybelline New York New Clean Express Total clean Eye and Lip make up remover

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Hi Beauties !
We all love bold lips and bright eyes and with summers it becomes necessary to use long lastinf or matte make up so that the oil and sweat does not wash the colour off .But the drwback of using matte colours and long lasting make up is that it is a pain to remove it .Sometimes my lips become so dry with the constant rubbing and mopping to take the lipstick off .Eversince ,I have been using Eye and Lip make up removers which are specially formulated to remove make up with out much trouble . I had earlier reviewed Maybelline Eye and Lip Make up remover  but wandering in the aisles at a supermarket ,I came across this new variant and so today I am going to review this one for you .
Price –  Rs 275 /- for 70 ml , it is a bit expensive .

PROS of  Maybelline  New York New Clean Express Total clean  Eye and Lip make up remover
1. Small and compact , easy to carry and lightweight .
2. Very effective in not only removing make up (specially the long lasting and matte ones especially the red lipsticks and glittery eye liners) but also cleans the skin thoroughly .
3. Leaves the skin soft ,clean and glowing .


CONS of  Maybelline  New York New Clean Express Total clean  Eye and Lip make up remover

1. Slightly expensive for daily use .

2. Bi-phasic formula ,which means it has two separate layers which need to be mixed well by shaking to be effective.

3. Has a mineral oil like unpleasant smell .

4. Oily after use feeling .

Final Verdict – I give it a 3/5 for the above reasons .All in all , a good make up remover to remove those bold colours of spring from the eyes and lips that are so in vogue this season .

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