Miniso Lifebloom Perfume EDT – A Pocket Friendly Fragrance

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MINISO – MINISO is a designer brand based in Japan.It was co-founded by the dynamic duo of a  Japanese designer Miyake Junya and a young Chinese Entrepreneur Ye Guofu.



The USP of the brand MINISO  is “intelligent consumer products”.The brand ensures freshness of its appeal by updating products every seven days and keeping the prices low keeping in mind the needs of its young consumers.The products include creative home and  kitchenware, office supplies, storage solutions, digital accessories, fashion accessories, skincare products and cosmetics etc.


Price – Rs 250 for 0.5 Fl Oz or 15 ml

Packaging – This fragrance comes in a cute little transparent cuboid glass bottle with a spray top. The top is nice and sturdy and this is slim enough to carry in your handbag or while travelling.


1. Pocket friendly price 
2. Literally pocket friendly in size too, I love small sizes that can be carried along for feeling fresh          and fragrant through out the day
3. It has a pleasing floral and refreshing ,elegant fragrance – I could smell jasmine, some candy notes      and some green notes too.

The best thing about Miniso perfumes is the compact size
Miniso is known for intelligent  consumer products.
This EDT is affordable and has universal appeal

What I did not like about MINISO LIFEBLOOM PERFUME

1. Reminds me of room fresheners
2. The uni-dimensional character of the fragrance .
3. Stays for a maximum of 1-2 hours
4. Only available in Miniso Stores

FINAL VERDICT – I am partial to florals and this is a floral perfume but it retains the same character throughout which does not appeal to me.At this price I cannot complain about the staying power but then it is compact enough to carry along so one can always spray after 1-2 hours.

My rating is 3/5

Besides this perfume,I also got a laundry bag, a hat and some socks for myself.
Have you shopped from Miniso ? What do you like about shopping here ?

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