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Limeroad is a an upcoming website which has really taken up the onliLimeroad to get the look for yourself .I think this is an amazing concept for people who are unsure about how to pick and choose clothing and accessories to get a certain look .To create looks and then sharing them with your friends is fun , you can even get instatnt feedback from friends  without actually buying the stuff and know beforehand  if it will work for you ! How cool is that !

ne shopping world by storm .I specially love their lookbooks .The lookbooks are looks created by members of the website and then posted online. You can like a look, share a look on facebook and even buy the products on

Recently Limeroad  ahs been hosting a Monsoon Blogfest and I am happy to contribute the look that I would want to create from Limeroad . Do tell me how do you like it !

Since I am a practical dresser , comfort and breathability are foremost in my mind when choosing a dress , specially in the monsoon season .


So I selected a linen top in soothing tropical colours and chose a beige hot pant to avoid getting mucked up when out splashing into puddles .


A sensible pair of multicolored flipflops and a roomy complementing bag and I am done to enjoy the weather

 .To brighten up the look a bit , I chose a bright orange bangle as an accessory ,and I would love to pair it with black or orange drop ear rings too .

But how can monsoons be celebrated without curling on the bed with a cappa of Masala Chai .So I added a few more things  to add to the feel .

Lemon Yellow Bed sheet and Duvet set 

Masala Chai Tea Bags 

Masala Chai has always borne a sense of nostalgia. The handpicked cloves, cardamoms, cinnamon, and other spices work in synergy with the tea in providing your body with all kinds of health benefits
Yellow Tea Infuser cum strainer 

 This is something very nice when you want to use loose tea or spices for making your tea .You just have to steep the tea and spices filled infuser in hot water for a few minutes and your tea is ready.

                Tangerine Coffee Mugs 
At Limeroad you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to quirky and bright mugs .In keeping with my bright and simple theme , I chose these tangerine porcelain ones .
Eucalyptus floor Freshners

Last but not the least , to keep bugs away and the room smelling fresh , I love to use scented candles and tea lights .So I chose these floor freshners ,and Citronella candles too . 
Set of 10 Citronella scented Tea Lights 
So venture out in cool monsoon gear or kick back those flip flops and lounge on your bed surroundedby the citronella tea lights curled up with your favourite book and a hot cup of steaming masal Chai .And let it rain !!!

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