Movie Review — KICK ( Your mind does not get it but your Heart does )

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Hi Friends !

FIFA  fever is gone but a new one has “KICK -ed ” in .

Read on to see how many Goals this ” Kick ” scored …

Every Eid , Salman khan gifts his Fans a full Paisa – Vasool entertainment bonanza  so we all wait for Eid with baited breath .But this year I was a tad bit disappointed as other movie reviews said that this was one of Salman’s better scripted movies  but I beg to disagree .

First of all , about the  title “KICK“, it  stands for the ” Adrenaline rush ” and not the usual soccer kick .So a good 15 minutes are spent in telling us what is the real meaning of  “KICK ” here and visuals shown to that effect .

Devi Lal Singh (Salman Khan ) is an adrenal junkie and has changed 32 jobs just to get “Kicks ” !
He has an equally Kicked- up Family in his Mother (Archana Puran Singh ) and Father (Mithun Chakraborty) .Both in memorable cameos .

Midway through the film, the excitement seeking Devi Lal vanishes after an altercation with his sweet heart Dr. Shaina  (Jacqueline Fernandes ) leaving her heart broken .Then enters the Dashing “DEVIL ” (Salman Khan again ) who is on a looting spree .

The ingenious ride

The rest of the film is about the chasing of the master thief by Himanshu Tyagi (Randeep Hooda ) an upright and go -getter cop  and dodges by Devil .

Watch this movie for

  1. The Item song ” Tera Pyar na mile to Mar Jawan ” performed  once by Jacqueline Fernandes and once by Nargis Fakhri .Jacqueline did a better job and looked very hot .
  2. Some crackling chemistry between Randeep Hooda and Salman Khan .
  3. Another Hit song “Jumme Ki Raat Hai ” , well honestly I just went because of this song .And It would suffice to say that the whole theatre sat still while Jacqueline  was performing .So riveting were her moves and her shimmying was perfect .What a sizzler !
  4. Some hilarious moments in the movie  by Saurabh Shukla , Nawazudeen Siddiqui and others .
  5. Randeep hooda looked dapper and fitter than Salman Khan .
The Sizzling chart busting number

Do not watch it if

  1. You apply too much logic , like why is Jacqueline shown to be a Psychiatrist when all she does in the movie is dance to item numbers and be called “Psycho ” by her boyfriend .
  2. You are looking for something serious to dig into .
  3. What I missed most was the one liners and punches that made” Dabangg ” and ” Ek tha Tiger ” a treat .The first half rather drags on and on .Yawn !!!
  4. You expect  Nawazzudeen Siddiqui to give you a powerful performance and lift the movie  .He  leaves his mark but that is it .
Final Verdict —- 3/5 .
If you are a die hard Salman Khan , do watch it .It is an average movie with cliches , spiced with comedy some serious action and some not- so happening romance .I regretfully  did not get a kick out of it .

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