Movie Review —The Dawn of the Planet of Apes

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         I had promised my daughter long back back that I shall be watching a movie with her .Intially  she wanted us to watch  ” Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania ” but  I never was a fan of D.D.L.J. and neither of Varun Dhawan’s  Loafer- hero style , so I gave her the option to watch a Sci-Fi movie instead and we settled on watching “The Dawn of the Planet of Apes “.

This movie tugged at my heart strings

I know most of you must be laughing that I went to see a Chimp movie.

But believe you me ,this movie tugged at my heart strings ( that part is not easy ).

The plot started with the world being in the middle of a serious Simian (monkey ) flu and people falling dead all over the world .In a American laboratory (where else can geniuses be born )experiments on monkeys provide them immunity to the flu at the same time making them super -chimps or Apes .They can speak English ,build houses ,create armies even use sophisticated weapons .

Then follows a power struggle for survival  between the surviving Humans and the Super-Apes .Caesar as the king of Apes stood out .

This movie really plays up the the different facets of relationships (father-son, leader-followers, husband -wife ) deals with issues of trust and insecurities .
I even loved the beautiful depiction and reconciliation of a  a father -son discord .

I know this pics  reminds me of our Desi movie ” SARKAR “!

The director Matt Reeves has a winner on his hands .

I would give it a Thumbs up and a rating of  4/5 , One mark deducted for the last 10 minutes at the end which kind of drag on .

But over all it is amovie worth watching not just by kids but also grown ups .It is also available in 3-D version , 2-D version and also with Hindi translation .So enjoy !

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