My current Health and Beauty regimen inspired by Rewardme

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Rewardme is a one stop solution website by P&G dedicated to Food, Beauty,Health and Family .It has wonderful articles which can solve some of our daily problems in a jiffy .After going through the website I decided to incoroprate  some of the tips in my daily routine and was amazed to see the positive effects within two weeks of starting it in terms of health, fitness and happiness too .

Today I am going to share some of my current health and Beauty rituals for a healthier , fitter and glowing self which I gleaned from Rewardme .

My day starts early at five in the morning with a glass of water with freshly squeezed Amla juice to aid in detoxification .

I try to take in a few more glasses every half an hour to improve hydration .

This is followed by a few Yogasanas to improve the mobility of the joints and stretch the muscles .
During bath I add a few drops of tea tree oil to the water to make a natural antibacterial wash .

The skin care starts with washing my face with  a foaming facial cleanser followed by the application of an oil free moisturizer .
In terms of make up , I ususally use a BB cream on the face followed by translucent loose powder to soak up any excess oil .I prefer BB creams as they already contain SPF 15 .Otherwise I use an oil free suncreen on moisturized skin and then apply loose powder after five minutes .

A bright lip colour usually a matte one  or lip balm with SPF according to the mood and occasion and I am all set to venture out .

In this season I splurge on fruits .I make sure that I have 3-4 portion sof seasonal fruits on a daily basis .Recently I have stopped taking sugar and artifical sweeteners and I can see that this has really helped with irritability and mood swings which are experienced due to low blood sugar .By taking fruits regularly , I am able to feel fitter and more energetic too .

There isn’t much more in terms of regimen to my daily routine .My work allows me to spend time with my kids and husband , so I make sure that we have some healthy snacks , usually Poha,cold  pasta salad  or sprouts Bhel with my evening tea .This is also fun and bonding time for the whole family .

In the evening we generally take a light dinner and go for walks .Walks not only help in digestion but also provide another opportunity to actually interact with the children .So it is physcally as well as mentally relaxing .
Before going to  bed , I take a bath with lavender and Chamile essential oils added to the water  to relax myself .I remove all traces of make-up with a cleanser and then wash my face with a tea tree face wash and apply a night cream in gentle circular upwards stroke on the face , neck and hands .

This done I am ready to enter dreamland  to wake up fresh as a daisy and face the new day .

What is your Good health regimen nowadays ?

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