My reason for wanting to visit the Most Livable city in the world -Melbourne

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I was introduced to Melbourne through the T.V.Series “Masterchef Australia .”
I have always been  a self confessed  foodie and ever since the Masterchef Australia series launched in India , I was hooked to this show .Through this show I discovered not just the various kinds of cuisines that exist in this world but also how a single city ,Melbourne, nestles in its heart so many varied cultures and nurtures them to the extent that they become a name to reckon with  and carve a niche for themselves .                                                                                                                      
The God  of Greek Cooking and my personal favorite the gregarious George Calombaris ,who owns five restaurants in Melbourne itself ,including  his flagship Melbourne restaurant, the award winning “The Press Club.”His now famous motto  “Food is Family, Family is Life, Life is Everything” is like a food anthem in itself .Where else can you get that sort of warmth and comfort ?                                        
If I ever visit Australia I would love to visit Melbourne and also meet George Calombaris and also celebrity chef and famous pattisier Adriano Zumbo,maker of the famous macaroon croquembouche tower .                


Of course my food tour will hardly be complete without visiting the Yarra Valley famous for its wineries and  strawberry hunting in strawberry fields where you can then get fresh jams and scones .The wineries have something new for the kids too , they take you for a tour on a special ride called the segway ,which is basically a bit like a fun scooty ride but one has to stand and then vroooom  around .Isn’t that eco-friendly and fun !

That is what I love about the Melbourne, it is modern with the latest world events happening here ,yet in harmony with its varied culture , heritage and wildlife .

Since I enjoy travelling with my kids there is a lot for the kids too .Hot air ballon rides Video here for the whole family would be a life time experience .Also I think the kids would love the seals and penguins at the Philip Island , near Mebourne .It is home to about 32,000 little penguins ! You can see seals and penguins in their full natural habitat in a steamer ride .

Of course Hubby dear would never miss a visit to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG ) which is going to be hosting  the next CRICKET WORLD CUP in 2015 .He being an avid tennis player would also insist on visiting the Rod Laver Arena where  The Australian Open is held .

I would love to end my trip with a bit of relaxing and rejuvenation at  the Hot water springs at the Peninsula ,which would really round up the trip very nicely , like icing on cake or like  fresh strawberries on my ice-cream.Yeah , I am a foodie all right !

You would be wondering where did I get all this info even though I have never been to Melbourne myself .Well I just clicked here at Tourism Victoria website and loved the virtual tour of Melbourne .So you too can do the same and plan your travel to the most happening and livable place on the map-Melbourne .I think it one place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime .

“Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?”.

The best answer  will win a gift voucher from Sin-ply Pretty , so what are you waiting for ?

Contest closes on 5th January 2015 so,Hurry !

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