Nick of time 30 % Shea Butter and 70% Petroleum Jelly

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My Instagram followers might be aware of the NickofTime brand when I had reviewed their African Coffee Blend .After trying the coffees (do try their Ethiopian and  Indian Coffee – yumtastic ! ) I ventured to try their skin care range which includes products made from Original African Shea butter. I shall be sharing my experience of  Nick of Time  30 % Shea butter Petroleum Jelly , a skin protectant .
                                                           This product has 30%Shea Butter and 70% Petroleum Jelly
PRICE – Rs 350 for 40 gms is the M.R.P. but I got it for Rs 150 /- only (57% discount) from their website 

WHAT I LOVED about The Nick of Time 30 % Shea Butter and 70%  Petroleum Jelly 

1. I really loved the great discount for the quality and quantity – this is a steal !
2. The fact that it is sourced from Original and Pure Shea butter from Africa
3. The fact that is works so well on all skin types and is suitable and gentle enough for babies
4. Keeps the skin soft and supple, specially the lips, elbows, knees and feet.
5.Has no artificial colours or fragrances added so no added chemicals and that is great for sensitive skin
6.Helps in fading old scars and blemishes also good for use during pregnancy to avoid and treat stretch marks !
7.I tried using it on my face (just for the sake of experiment as I have oily and acne prone skin) and it did not give me any skin reaction the next day, though I do not recommend it for face as it is quite rich but maybe girls with dry skin may love it on the face too.
Shea Butter is derived from the soft part of Shea nuts

WHAT TURNED ME OFF about The Nick of Time 30 % Shea Butter and 70%  Petroleum Jelly 

1. The packaging in a glass tub is very basic and close to being unattractive.
2. The bulky pack is not travel friendly .
3. A little bit of fragrance would have been welcome.
Nick of time 30% Shea Butter Petroleum jelly glides
 smoothly over the skin and moisturizes and protects


Compared to regular petroleum jelly, I found this one with 30% Shea Butter to be softer on the skin, it is better absorbed and is less greasy too and works well for me when I am looking for protection against pollution and harsh weather for areas like lips, elbows, heels and feet that are prone to dryness, cracking or chapping.

P.S. – I have also tried the Nick of Time Lavender pure organic Shea Butter and it is wonderfully pampering and caring for my skin. I use it on my hands and feet at night (yes ,even in summers ) and it keeps my tips soft and nourished. They have an exhaustive range of fragrant Shea Butter , do check it out 

I rate it a 4/5 

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