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Finally ,winter seems to be coming to Delhi .There is that early morning nip in the air and one does need to reach out for the moisturiser more so often .Talking of winter and cold creams  I have to say that I love Nivea products .For years I have been using Nivea cold cream for winters and I can swear by it .


Today I am going to review a new product from Nivea – Nivea body lotion for normal skin .
Price – Rs 265/-  for 400 ml , very pocket friendly and will last me a long time .
The Product – It comes in a white plastic bottle with a dispensing pump .Dispensing pumps are very convenient for me but at the same time can lead to some product remaining unused at the bottom .Well if the product is not expensive ,I can overlook this little wastage .

Coming to the lotion itself , it is a creamy white lotion but not runny .It claims to be fast absorbing which I found to be quite true .

Pros of Nivea Body Lotion Express Hydration
1.Easy Availability.
2.Convenient dispensing pump .
3.Thick texture so little is enough , half a pump was enough for one whole arm .
4.Enriched with sea minerals and “Hydra IQ fosters” that claim to replenish the skin’s moisture  continuously.I did find this claim partially true .O.K. May be not 24 hours but more than 4 hours surely.
5.Unlike some body lotions , it leaves the skin satiny soft and not greasy .


Cons of Nivea Body Lotion Express Hydration
1. I did not like the fragrance much , it has a  cheap cucumber-y smell .
2. This will not work for very dry skin and harsher ,colder climates .

Final Verdict– I would give it a 3.5 / 5 for the above factors .To sum it up , this is a good light body lotion for daily use which does not leave the skin sticky or shiny and hydrates the skin fast.
Take care till we meet again ….

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