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Last night I was taking a stroll with a friend in Cannuaght Place (Rajiv Chowk), New Delhi and we could hear the strumming of guitar .Curious,we went around searching for the source of the music and came across this restaurant at C-37, Connaught Place, New Delhi .
Situated on the first floor ,it has two levels , the upper one as the name suggests being the open house with a terrace seating arrangement.It’s a lounge like area with Sheeshas and wall mounted fans spraying jets of water to keep the temperature down .The atmosphere was electric and cool if you understand what I mean.It’s a great place to unwind with friends .Though with the loud music, you can’t have much of a conversation .
There were three menu and all three were extensive – The Bar Menu , The Food Menu and the Sheesha menu .
We ordered Budweisers and Meditarranean Crostinis for starters .I need to say that their starters are very generous .The crostini was buttery and crunchy with just the right amount of seasoning and loaded with my favourite  vegetables .Their Bruschetta was also a  hot favourite among the customers.
Every night , there are live gigs on the terrace and the atmosphere is highly charged and full of energy.

Abhishek , performer for the night enthralling guests
 with his throaty voice and great strumming
In the main course , we only ordered a vegetarian Biryani with raita and chutney as accompaniments because the starters had us full.
The Biryani was served in a Handi sealed with dough and that raised my hopes high …
The chutney was tangy and minty but the biryani left a lot to be desired .The rice was sticky and not the fluffy ,fragrant long grained on .It was also too sweet for my taste and the spices that are must for a good Biryani were a tad bit lacking .


The Veg Biryani in a Handi sealed with dough
The service was attentive and prompt , given the amount of din there was .
Approximate bill for two persons including drinks would be under Rs  2000/- (with taxes )

FINAL VERDICT – I rate it a 3.5/5 , for the great ambience and the starters .Minus marks for the main course which disappointed .So head to the Open House Cafe for an evening of  fun , finger food ,music and moonshine !

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