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The smile of a baby is truly a beatific one , an innocent blissful outpouring of joy that the baby experiences .From his/her favorite quacky duck toy  to a colorful rattle or just making faces at the baby – there are a hundred things that can send a baby giggling away or bursting  into peals of laughter .Small things can light up  a baby’s face ,like seeing his Mommy walking in after a long day of work .That smile not justs lights up his face but also melts my heart and I just rush to take him in my arms .

The baby’s mood may wax and wane like the moon but far more quicker as its cerebral cortex is still developing and he/she is unable to control his/her emotions .The transitions from a cranky baby to happy baby or vice versa can sometimes be so rapid that a first time parent may feel driven to the wall , unable to really make any sense of what triggers the child’s emotional outbursts .

Babies younger than six months may actually exhibit a smile even when they are not really feeling happy  since the neurological mechanism is still developing that is why so many young babies smile in their sleep .Though they may cry ,when they are actually distressed about some of their needs not being fulfilled .

It would be safer to use the term contentment for the happiness of a baby .Happiness is an emotionally complex state , babies rather feel joy and contentment .

So, what can you do to ensure that your baby feels content and ‘happy’ ?

1.Sleep – It is important for a baby to have lots of sleep , it can be in fits and bouts or a constant prolonged slumber .But it is important that the baby sleeps enough.To ensure a good sleep -it is important that the baby goes to sleep on a full tummy (but burped so that it is not filled with gas ),The second important fact is to keep the baby dry (wearing his Pampers pant style diapers ,with magic gel which keeps both the inside and outside of the diaper dry ,would ensure that .But make sure to put his anti-rash cream on those smooth baby bums first).The third fact to take care is that the baby is kept snug ,neither overwarm nor too cold to ensure a comfortable sleep .

2. Exercise -Since the baby is a work in progress, it is important that it gets lot of space to stretch those little limbs,tumble around or waddle .This strengthens the muscles, releases happy hormones and also aids digestion .Thus ensuring a healthier and happier baby .

3. Learning – Learning new things , new tricks or even getting new toys, all contribute to the happiness of your baby .You will see how the baby breaks into a smile when he/she is able to overcome an obstacle all by his/her own self .You hand them a toy and the act of throwing it away successfully is an achievement which gives the baby happiness.

4. Be happy yourself – “Smile and the world smiles with you “,is especially true for babies .They can pick up on your mood so a happy mother/father/caregiver is also  the key to a happy and smiling baby .

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