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Despite taking care of my skin I have been getting outbreaks of acne, I think it is the extreme heat of our Delhi city and pollution.
So I was on the lookout for a gentle face cleanser.

Kaya soothing cleansing gel is soap free and
cleans effectively and is gentle on the skin.
It does not irritate or make skin flaky


I have already tried Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser and was quite happy with it but the human nature is such that one does not get satisfied easily and I wanted to try something different.Also the previous one is actually virtually soap free so one does not feel squeaky clean after use.It was leaving my skin soft but not matte and it was not efficient to take off the sunscreen or light make up.
So after doing a bit of research for a new face wash ,I settled on Kaya soothing cleansing Gel.

Price – Rs 540 for 200 ml ,but I got it at a great discount for Rs. 424/- only  here 

Product Description

This product is described as a soap free gel, deep cleansing formula and for regular use for all skin types
It is to be applied to wet face , massaged gently and then to be rinsed off with clean water.

The list of ingredients on Kaya Soothing and cleansing face wash
 shows it has no irritating or comedogenic ingredients 


PROS of  KAYA Soothing Cleansing Gel

1) Unlike Cetaphil cleanser ,this one foams a lot so I take very little quantity and build a lather in my hands then apply to face.

2) It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean .

3)It gets rid of makeup and sunscreen too.I have tried using a make up remover wipe after washing the face with this face wash and it hardly showed any traces of make up !

4) The zinc lactate helps in soothing the skin ,calming irritation and reducing sebum and oiliness,in short skin looks matte and non greasy.

5) It has Vit B3 which has a soothing action on the skin and also helps in fading dark spots .

6) Fragrance free

7) Affordable price ,since it is very thick and foams a lot , I need very little and this bottle will easily last me at least a month with twice a day use.

This is a thick ,clear and mild cleansing gel for all skin types 

CONS of KAYA Soothing and cleansing Gel

1)Some may find it expensive, but as very tiny amount is needed ,it lasts long and you can always look out for discounts online like I did.

2) The formula is very thick and even though it has been described as soap free, it lathers a lot and my skin does feel stretchy after use.The tightness lasts for about 10-15 minutes only though.
3) Immediately after starting this cleansing gel , my skin started to break out again.I had not changed my regimen at all except for this face-wash so I think this product was in some way responsible but I was also undergoing some stress so I gave it another week to see if I still will get more breakouts with regular use .
Thankfully new acne stopped after sometime ,so probably this face wash was not the reason for the break outs .

4) Has no effect on whiteheads/comedones or preventing new acne from forming .

An effective but gentle face cleanser for all skin types 


FINAL VERDICT – I am quite happy with this one, it does not seem to get rid of white heads and formation of new acne but seems good in keeping my skin clean and matte and gets rid of light makeup or sunscreen, I might buy this again .

I rate it a 4/5 . 

What is your skin concern and which is your favourite go to cleanser ?
Comment below and let me know !

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