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Address: G-57, Vikas Marg, Near Walia Nursing Home, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi – 110092
Phone number :  011 64641010

This placed is located bang on Vikas Marg so easy to find.It is a simply furnished place but quite comfortable.                          

This little note at the entrance sets the mood

Let me say at the very outset that this is a great place which will give stiff competition to the big names of South indian food if they can continue to keep up the high quality that they have started off with .Great for quick breakfasts and family lunches .

In fact they start serving breakfast as early as 6.30 am and they claim to use pure Desi ghee in their Parathas which I found to be true .

Instead of flowers we had beautiful
carved vegetable bouquets on our tables 

Founded on January 14, 2016, the restaurant serves pure vegetarian food including South Indian, North Indian ,Italian and chinese with their tag line being “Let’s Eat healthy and celebrate the joy of Eating “.

Rasam papad – The litmus test


For me the starter of Rasam and Papad is the benchmark for any respectable joint serving south Indian food. The Rasam came in a cup with a  saucer which not only added to the visual appeal of the Rasam but also made it easier to hold the cup and sip the rasam .The Rasam passed with flying colours , I could taste the tomatoes ,the asafetida ,the curry patta and the black peppers very distinctly and it tasted so much like we make at home not the spice laden thin juice that passes for rasam in many joints .

Spiced tadka buttermilk


Hotseller and must try at this place is their buttermilk (chhachh) which has a great taste and you can taste the tadka of curry patta ! Must try !!

Vegetable Khichadi – Now you see it 


Now you don’t – That was how tasty it was !


I then tried their “Khichadi “ it was topped with desi ghee and sprinkled with roasted cumin (zeera ) powder . Except for some gujarati thali joints , khichadi is not served in most restaurants and this was a blessing for people like me who crave simple food away from home .This is a very popular preparation here.
I loved it !

The Sampoorna Thali

Next I tried their Sampoorna Thali – which had three vegetables – shahi paneer , Chhole ,rice, aloo beans sabzi served with curd , vegetable salad , raita and three rotis including one lachcha parantha  and gulabjamun as the dessert .

The thali was good with the salad and the chhole standing out , also I noticed that they served long grain rice not the stubby one .

The South Indian platter

I also tried their south Indian platter and the Vada and Idly stood out for me .The Sambhar was Ok  but the chutney was good – specially the onion and tomato chutney .The upma was light and wholesome but could have more flavor .

Kadak paneer 

I also tried their Kadak paneer which had a crunchy crust and soft paneer inside .It was served on a very interesting boat complete with a small boatman too !

Dahi Kababs

The owner Ms. Suman Bansal and her husband Mr. Sethia seemed quite familiar with their regular customers as I could see them exchanging pleasantries with many of the regulars and even serving the food themselves .That speaks a lot for their service !







Ms Bansal informed me that they are soon going to launch an ambitious plan to start carts for serving some of their specialities at prime locations like nearby Temples and Parks .They also have a tiffin service which I hear is very popular with the offices and PG crowds .

FINAL VERDICT –  They have started with a lot of promise in terms of quality of ingredients , hygiene and pricing .I can’t say this is the best ever food I have had but it was certainly the best food in this price range and with a freshness that reminds of home .

I rate it a 4/5 . 

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