Restaurant Review – Thaal Vaadi (The Thali Restaurant)

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Being a vegetarian I mosty crib about the limited choices for a vegetarian when dining out .So I am on the look out for different tastes .This was my second visit to Thaal Vaadi , a thali (only platters served ) restaurant in the Great India Place Mall, Noida .
They display their “Thali”menu at the  entrance so you can decide before entering if you want to give it a go.
The place has dim lights , which I do not prefer by the way because I want to see my food well ( for insects for example!).The seating is comfortable.Mostly,the place is not crowded so reservations are not needed unless you have a big crowd with you .
The menu generally consists of Chaat papdi type snacks for appetizers followed by a huge platter of assorted curries, rotis,puris and rice dishes, mostly of Gujarati and Rajasthani style.They also incorporate some popular vegetarian dishes like Paneer dishes which are not traditional Rajasthani fare.
The Menu for the Day , displayed at the entrance 
I had Daal Bati churma (perfect),Ghota Chaat and matar potli as snacks ,Desi chana dahiwala, Paneer lababadar,Aloo matar ,Tindola Masala,Gujarati dal, Kadhi pakoda,Daly fry,onion kulcha, Phulka,Rajwadi khichadi ,rice,dal fry,salad, fruit custard,Gulab Jamun and Moong dal Halwa.The sweets were quite good .
The Thaali is a visual treat too for the senses
The Thaali for the day has about 8 different curry dishes and more 
The sweet platter of Gulab Jamun,Custard and Moong dal halwa 
It is not a paid review !!!
 FINAL VERDICT –  I liked the food and the pricing .Some dishes were very good like the daal ,bati and choorma but not all the dishes were upto the mark and I would have preferred if they had given me some kind of flexibility in choosing the Thaali (Gujarati/North Indian/Rajasthani etc ) or two small thaalis with lesser dishes because at the end of the meal even when I tried to take a spoon of every dish I felt so stuffed up .
A small warning – most food is sweet including the daal , kadhi and the snacks .
I rate it a 3/5 .

310/311, 3rd Floor, The Great India Place Mall, Sector 38-A, Near Sector 38, Noida

Phone nos- +91 420 8059 , +91 945 826 2932

Charges Rs 325 plus taxes per Thali .

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