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After watching the first movie directed by Homi Adjania (Being Cyrus starring Saif Ali Khan) I was filled with gloom.No,the movie was   brilliant ,it was just that the everything and everyone ended up looking grey and dysfunctional .So I was a bit apprehensive before watching “Finding Fanny” .

Five for the rescue
“Finding Fanny ” also moves around incomplete and dysfunctional families but the similarity ends here.The film features a small Goan village where lives Angie (Deepika Padukone ) an orphan who becomes a widow on the day of her wedding itself .She lives with her self centred but comely Mother-in-law Rosie( Dimple Kapadia ) who pretends to be a widow but was actually dumped by her sailor husband for another woman when she was pregnant and he was at sea .The village postmaster and a former sailor Ferdinand  (Naseeruddin Shah )is the only other person who knows Rosie’s secret .then there is the sloppy Savio de Gama (Arjun Kapoor) who secretly loved his childhood friend Angie but never had the courage to say so .Pankaj kapur plays the role of a celebrated painter Don Pendro who is in town to create to find the subject for his next and probably last masterpiece and also has the hots for Mrs Rosie .

Ranveer Singh in a cameo
All of them come together to help find Fanny Or Stephanie Fernandes ,the first love of old Ferdinand who is broken- hearted to find that the love letter he wrote forty six years ago confessing his love for Fanny and asking for her hand in marriage never reached her in the first place .
Though the situations are grim and somewhat tragic yet the movie keeps on bringing smiles to your lips and touching your heart with its well- etched characters and their quirks.
And now the Pros and Cons

You should  watch the movie to see what they are seeing , it is hilarious
Watch the movie for 
1.The beautifully captured Konkani landscapes 
2.Excellent and rather outstanding performances from Dimple Kapadia and Naseeruddin Shah.
3.It has comic scenes that tickle you but nothing slapstick which is a rarity nowadays .
4.The duration is one hour and 46 minutes which can be a pro for busy people !

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Do not watch the movie if
1.You are looking for a typical Bollywood pot boiler a la Salman Khan or Akki baba .
2.You are looking for song and dance routines .
3.You go to movies for unfinished business as the film is rather short and the business may remain unfinished .
Final verdict –5/5 A definite one time watch for everyone .And as the film says you have to keep looking for love , love never dies .

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