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 Hi Friends !

Holi is here( and so is my Birthday) ! Double the fun does call for double the celebrations, isn’t it?

For the sheer ease of shopping at home in the privacy of my home and my convenient time ,I prefer to buy online specially when it comes to popular brands that I have been using quite frequently and I can trust blindly .Also Delhi streets are not so safe around Holi .Anybody can throw a balloon or colour on you and you have to grin and bear it .I say- why take the risk ? When you can sit at home and enjoy 24 hours shopping regardless of time and also get exciting deals !

While going through various websites I came across this website called
and I was bowled over (Yeah !I know the cricket fever is in the air !) by their funda.

Now to answer the question-What is this website about ? is India’s leading discount coupons & deals distribution platform.It displays discount coupons and offers to retail buyers from almost all Indian Ecommerce websites like Flipkart,Amazon,Ebay,Snapdeal, FoodPanda etc.You name it and it is probably already on .They have more than 1000 stores  present and by the time you will be reading this post a few more might have been added to the already mind boggling  numbers .

Not just online buying but you can actually avail lucrative discounts and offers on banking through their unique  bank section that has been dedicated for bank coupons .I know it is amazing .So now if your are paying for something through your bank card , the payment itself will earn you further discounts !
So how does one get access to all the great deals and discounts ?

Just go to the website and register yourself (You get an additional 250 points reward points for registering itself which you can redeem later).

Once you have registered yourself as a member by filling in the above details,the link will be activated and then you can choose from various categories of your interest , choose the E-commerce sites of your interest and then choose coupons/offers .The website will then display the various offers and deals in your chosen category .

I was eyeing an A.C.comforter on snapdeal and when I logged in nd found that they had discount of upto 40% off at for this particular category .So I placed an order through this website for a  Tangerine King size  A.C.comforter and saved Rs 1400/- on the original price !

I received my order within 6 days and here is my steal which I will proudly show off to you .I am so happy that the next time I want to buy something online , I am defintely going to check with for the best deals and then buy through them to get the best price .

So what are you waiting for ?Check out and start saving money on every purchase !

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