Schwarzkopf Professional Supersoft Volumising Hairspray Hair Styler Review

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Hola Chicas !
Time for sharing a new discovery, a new post on a less used but often required grooming product -a hairspray.I have been sceptical about using a hairspray because of the obvious chemicals and the probable damage but I think this is a great product to give finishing touches to any special look or simply when your hair fails you !
Since I was testing the waters,I chose to start with a reputed salon brand – Schwarzkopf Professional.

Price- Rs 999/- for 250 ml .It is available at a mouth watering discount here 


How to use – It is to be used on dry hair .Hold the can about 30 cms away from the hair and spray.For volume,spray directly into the roots .
Use in short spurts .
PROS of  Schwarzkopf Professional Supersoft Volumising Hairspray
1. It gives my hair a boost of volume , as you can see my silky hair lies mostly pretty flat .After using this hair spray ,my hair looked like it had more body and volume to it and also was it was able to hold the style .
2. Easier to create bouffants /puffed up hairstyles, though not huge beehive ones .
3. Pleasant fresh smell which does not linger which is good for me as I do not like strong smells .
4. Convenient to use .
5. It protects against UV damage and does not allow humidity to mess up the hair .
6. It allows for some natural movement of the hair , the hair does not feel like it has been fixed with a glue hence the name supersoft .There is a 5 point scale on the can indicating the strength of hold it will give to the hair and this one is rated a 3/5 strength .So its neither too soft nor too strong hold .
7. Can be used as a finishing spray to control flyaways and maintain and neat looking finish to the hairdo .
Look at all the small flyaway stray hair jutting out !
                             CONS of Schwarzkopf Professional Supersoft Volumising Hairspray
1. Steep Price
2. Not easily available
3. Gives light hold to the hair , not extra strong ,so not suitable if you want to create wildly voluminous hair or a very rigid hairstyle .
4. It claims millionized volume , but trust me no such miracles happen .
Isn’t this far more cleaner and neater ?
FINAL VERDICT – I rate it a 3.4 /5
Plus marks for the soft look and volume it gives to my flat hair while giving me UV protection too .Minus marks for the price and availability .

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