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Lakme , the pioneer of fashion in India ,has added another feather in their cap by launching India’s first fashion video magazine -the #LakmeSchoolOfStyle .And who could have been a better choice to be the Editor  -in-chief but  Karan Johar ,who  is an active fashion designer and style icon himself.

I found several interesting videos posted about fashion, make-up ,even sex tips out of which I partiularly  loved this video about  #LakmeSchoolOfStyle’s youngest Vlogger Ruchi Gokhale , who has survived cancer not once but twice .As per Karan , the March issue is all about “Sculpting “ yourself , Ruchi has not justed sculpted her exterior persona but shaped  her future and her life too .She confided that vlogging is what made her survive the cancer and its treatment .Karan ,having lost his father to cancer himself looks moved while talking to Ruchi .You too can watch this inspiring video here –

Coming back to style and fashion , who doesn’t want to look good ?”A picture speaks more than a thousand words “, goes the saying .So when it comes to clicking selfies and profile pictures ,being stylish and looking good becomes even more important .After all,the first impression is created by the profile picture itself .That is why ,you will find this video by blogger Sukhneet Wadhwa about “How to nail the Selfie Make- up ” very helpful .It offers some great make – up tips that can turn you into an effortless Selfie God or Goddess .


I loved the easy to follow step by step tips given by Sukhneet.Not only are they super easy to follow but the products used are all easily available and affordable .

I have just shared two of my favorite videos but there are a whole lot more video articles ranging from thought provoking ones like Is Rape a Woman’s Fault  to basics in styling like Video Tutorial on Highlighting and Contouring .

So go on explore endless fashion and style tips and subscribe to #LakmeSchoolOfStyle.

 ‘This post is a part of the #LakmeSchoolOfStyle activity at is association with #Fame’ .

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