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Today I shall review a product which I have been using quite frequently but forget to review .This is the SeaSoul HD finish CC cream  , I received it in my October 2014 FabBag .So without wasting any furry time I shall directly review the product for you .

About  SeaSoul Cosmecuticals – SeaSoul Cosmecuticals is an Australian brand .SeaSoul’s Spa and Skincare products are made from ancient mystical salts, minerals and mud found only in the Dead Sea. These products not only give you a magical experience, but they also ensure the well being of skin, mind and body. These products bestow beauty and have medicinal properties that clean and replenish the skin with essential minerals and oils. They enhance your beauty from both inside and outside and uplift your mood …


Price- Rs 625 /- for 30 ml

PROS of SeaSoul HD Finish CC cream 

1.This complete coverage Color corrector cream helps  in evening out the complexion and corrects discolouration left by acne ,scars and sun damage .

2. Contains Dead Sea minerals ,Soy proteins, Moroccan Argan , Goji berries all of which are known for their anti- oxidants, anti- bacterial ,hydration and oil control benefits .

3. Non -comedogenic , does not clog pores.

4. Regular use helps in reducing scars and discolouration.

5. Brightens the complexion 

6. Moisturises .

7. Controls oiliness of skin 

8. Gives good coverage .

9.Contains SPF 20

10.The next day of using this cream , my skin actually looks healthier and glows (maybe because of the minerals in this CC cream ).


CONS of SeaSoul HD Finish CC cream 

1. Has a strange smell , like oil maybe because of the Dead Sea minerals .Though it does not persist.

2. The texture is thick so needs to be blended well and needs working in.

3. Immediately after application face looks greasy and mask like , after a few minutes it settles to a more natural finish .

4. Only  2 shades are available , fair and medium .

5. Available only online at you can buy it HERE  and at


FINAL VERDICT – I give it a  4.2 / 5 , minus marks for the smell and inavailability .In comparison to other BB creams available in the market , this one covers better , provides good hydration and even though it feels quite pasty initially ,it actually is good for blemished and acne prone skin because of the inherent  Dead Sea minerals and goodness of other anti-oxidants .So if price and availability is not a problem , this one is really good for medium , warm complexions .

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