Sebamed facial cleansing foam review

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My regular readers must be aware of my constant fight with adult acne .Hence I am always on the lookout for products that are more suitable to my changing requirements .This time I noticed I was getting frequent boils post threading and even otherwise after perspiring too much .So after some research I settled for this anti bacterial cleansing foam from Sebamed .


Presentation – It comes in a white plastic,pump bottle with a transparent cover .Since the product is a foam , you have to shake well the contents before dispensing it.

Price – Rs 630 for 150 ml .Available easily online and at chemists .
PROS of  Sebamed facial cleansing foam
  1. Easily available online as well as at medical stores .
  2. Sturdy pump bottle but the lid is not so reliable .
  3. It cleans regular oil and grime well to give a fresh and clean feel .
  4. Contains  Montaline C40, a coconut oil derivative which is a deep cleanser and helps in dissolving blackheads .
  5. Panthenol soothes skin and helps in improving complexion by fading marks .
  6. It is pH balanced , which means skin friendly and not harsh .even after keeping it on for 3 minutes as specified on the bottle , my skin does not feel dry .

                                   CONS of  Sebamed facial cleansing foam
  1. Slightly expensive,hopefully it will last me a whole month since I need one pump for the face .
  2. It needs about 3 minutes to complete its antibacterial action which can be a problem during the morning rush hours .
  3. It does not completely eradicate acne.I was still getting a few sporadic bumps now and then .
  4. Not sufficient to remove make up .For that, I first use a dual phase cleanser and then after washing my face with plain water , I use this foam .


FINAL VERDICT – I  have been using it for last 15 days almost exclusively which means I did not use any other anti acne products with it, to judge its actual efficacy .I feel this is an effective cleanser for oily and ace prone skin of a milder variety and defintely helps in reducing the frequency of acne .
It is gentle on the skin too and did help in clearing my complexion too .Only negative is the price .

I rate it a 4.5/5 .

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