Self Reliance -The Road to Freedom and Respect

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 The wonderful  video above depicts the heart warming story of a dad who has a physically challenged  daughter.The doting dad gets a very expensive titanium limb for his daughter so that she can pursue her love for dancing but he does not help her in tying her anklet before getting ready to dance ,He makes her tie the anklet herself even though she has to struggle with it .This is his lesson in self reliance for her because she has a challenging life ahead of herself and the father does not want his beloved daughter to stumble and struggle after he is gone.He wants her to keep her chin up and make way through adversities ,create her own path of glory  and earn respect in life .As the ad jingle says ,”Tu ud jaa par failaye , hai aasman tera re (Spread your wings and soar high , the sky is Yours ).”

There was once a young  man watching a pupa evolving into a butterfly , the butterfly was struggling very hard but was unable to tear out of the pupa .Seeing its struggle ,the young man out of sympathy for the poor creature ,cut open the pupa to help it escape  and the butterfly crawled out .The butterfly lay still in the same position and quite some time elapsed till the young man realized that the butterfly had died .He was perplexed and sad .An old man seeing him sad asked him the reason for his sadness .The young man narrated the whole story of the butterfly .The old man gave a sad smile to the young man and explained to him that the whole process of struggling to come out of the pupa is nature’s way of strengthening the wings of the young butterfly to enable it to take flight .By cutting open the pupa , the young man though with good intentions at heart had in fact made its wings weaker and so it perished .

Adversities make us stronger in the long run .The more you hold a toddler’s hand while it is learning to walk, the longer it will take to learn walking .Sometimes letting go off the hand is better for the toddler.

My father did something similar when I got selected to pursue medicine .Father was the son of farmer and had  worked his way up in life .He  had always been my guiding light , my inspiration throughout .Now when I got selected ,the medical college where I was to study was  in a distant  city where co-incidentally my paternal aunt lived .I had always been a protected child ,never venturing out on my own .I had also heard a lot of dreadful tales about hostel life .So I was hoping that my Father would ask me to stay with my aunt or the my family would shift there for my sake .But Father ordered me to enroll at the hostel so that I could learn to live on my own .At that time I did not appreciate my Father’s decision but within one year my confidence surged .I did my own shopping , booking tickets, banking etc and that really helped me in becoming what I am today .In short my Father , a self made man ,ensured that his daughter would never have to look upon others for help or support and could lead a life of freedom and dignity on her own .He was the one who gave me wings to fly !

Other than a lesson in self reliance ,Insurance is also one of the  means to ensure that our loved ones live their life with dignity  when we are no more there to take care of their needs .
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