Sickness teaches us the value of good Health

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My son ,Amogh is the apple of my eye  and not just mine but the whole household from his Grandfather , grandmother to his uncles and cousins .Maybe because we had him seven years after his elder sister was born .He has been a much awaited addition to our family.The moment he wakes he takes his glass of milk and then asks me whether he could go and play with his Dadi(grandmother).His grandfather back from his daily walks ,enquires about hm the moment he steps in the drawing room .And Amogh is pampered by one and all .His cousins back from college and school bring him his daily dose of toffees and since I do not allow him these ,so these are sneaked into his pockets to be had when I am out of the sight .The constant brother -sister fights are a regular feature in our home.The sister being seven years older , tries to boss him around and he being seven years younger tries to get his way by trying to look helpless and cute .

Last month , Amogh came down with fever and sore throat .He lost his appetite and would not accept even his favorite treats from his cousins .We started him on medicines but the bitter taste made his appetite worse ,he soon developed chest congestion and breathlessness and his pediatrician asked us to start him on nebulization and antibiotics .He had lost two kgs of his weight in last five days of illness .He had become very irritable and whiny .He wanted his Mommy to be around him all the time so I had to take leave from my office and be with him .He was not taking much in the way of food and the antibiotics started giving him cramps and loose motions too .It was as if an evil spell had been cast upon us !

My father-in-law kept asking me to change his pediatrician and Mother-in-law wanted me to start him on Ayuredic or homoeopathic medicines .
But I persisted with his pediatrician , and after two days of seeing him lie listless , shrunken and coughing in bed ,we finally saw him get better .His wheezing reduced , he was able to sleep better .In the next two days ,his medicines were stopped but the doctor asked us to continue with his nebulization routine .

Gradually his motions became normal and he started asking for food .It took him a full twenty days to get back his earlier body weight and appetite .But children being children ,he was a sport and once again our house was chirping with echoing with his laughter and cries .

But now I was wiser from my experience .I ensured that Amogh stayed away from unhealthy junk food and made sure that he got his daily dose of vitamins through fruits and vegetables .I had read that Dabur Chyawanprash boosts the immunity upto three times (compared to those who do notake it)as it contains more than 40 anti-oxidants like Amla and Guduchi (Giloy)and Satavari.Moreover it comes in wonderful fruity flavors .Chyawanprash strengthens the body’s natural defense mechanism , our immune system from within so that we are more immune to changing weather and seasonal illness .

Amogh has been loving the mango flavor Chyawanprash and I am loving it too as it keeps him healthy and our family happy .

If your child has also been falling sick frequently , then I suggest that you should also try Dabur Chyawanprash to boost his immunity .You can read more about it here at and enjoy the benefits of good health.

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