Soapworks’ Murumuru Butter Shampoo Bar for Curly and Wavy Hair

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Shampoo bars are in a buzz these days , so I decided to see for myself what the buzz is about.
I chose Soapworks’ Murumuru Butter Shampoo bar for curly and wavy hair.

PRICE -Rs 694/-  for  80 gms  (but I got it at an off  at Amazon for 442/-)  


It came in a pretty pastel cardboard cover. Some might get it in a small tin box.



1.After washing my hair with it, I skipped conditioner and serum and my hair felt pretty moisturized   and soft. It was pretty manageable.


2.It made my hair look shinier too , my curls feel loved !
3.It lathers up pretty well.
4.It is very gentle on your scalp and doesn’t make it itchy.
5.This bar is pretty long lasting, it has lasted more than two months now with twice a week washes.
6.It has a very mild floral scent.



1.My hair felt a  little dry after one day maybe because I did not use any extra conditioner and serum.
2.If you oil your hair before washing it with this shampoo bar , you won’t be able to get all the oil off.



 I rate it a 4.8 /5.
 I am very happy with the product and surely recommend it. Yes it might seem a little costly for a bar of shampoo but trust me, you will be very happy with it.A Godsend for those with curly hair !

(Contributed by Arushi )

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