Some thoughts on International Day of Happiness

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Every year 20th of March is observed as the International Day of Happiness since its inception on 28th June 2012 by the U.N.
This concept was first introduced by The King of Bhutan in 1972 through its Gross National Happiness initiative.
“Happiness” is a very subjective term though economists are racking their heads to come out with a universal formula or measurement to standardize it .Having money, power or fame may not be the only tools to happiness.So what is happiness ?

To someone ,happiness may be getting a square meal after days of starvation .
To me , it could be hidden in random  little acts of kindness from people around us ,even strangers .I once read somewhere , that counting the good things in your life ,your blessings and expressing gratitude for them every day can make you a happier person because then you realize how much there is to your life to be happy about.I tried to do that and I did feel happier but we keep forgetting that we have to persevere in our pursuit of happiness .
To me “Happiness” is to stretch your palms out and feel the pitter-patter of the first raindrops of the season on them as the heady earthen aroma fills your senses .After the sweltering heat ,the sound and sight of those big drops of rain ,fills the soul with a surge of happiness that the best A.C. cannot give .
“Happiness”is to make faces at a baby and see its little face light up with a sunny smile .I am sure the innocent , undemanding smile of a baby would melt anybody’s heart.
Happiness is when you set out to for a goal and succeed after relentless efforts .When your labour bears fruit, it is the sweetest fruit on earth.

When a complicated recipe that your little one loved at a restaurant,turns out perfectly and the delighted little one hugs you -that is “Happiness” to me .
“Happiness” is what you feel when you walk barefoot on dew speckled grass.

“Happiness” is not having to set the alarm at 4 a.m. 
“Happiness” is when a long lost friend suddenly calls you out of the blue.

Happiness is enjoying your cuppa on a cold,foggy winter morning curled in your old quilt. It not just warms your insides but also your heart .
“Happiness” is finding a hundred rupee note hidden in your textbook , when you are broke .
“Happiness” is being able to get back in your old jeans after constantly denying yourself the decadent pleasure of your favorite chocolate. Mission accomplished!
“Happiness”is feeding stray puppies and seeing them follow you every time you pass by them.

“Happiness” is to see a new bud forming on your rose shrub after months of tending to it and toiling in your garden.
“Happiness” is a sinking your teeth into a slice of your favourite pizza and gulping it down with coke while watching your favourite team battling it out on T.V.
Most of all “Happiness” is being surrounded by your loved ones and seeing them happy.
Happiness is a state of mind that can be achieved it one strives for it by working towards it continuously .
And “My Cup Runneth Over “…

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