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A middle aged couple went on vacation ,where the wife had a heart attack and had to be buried on the island itself .The man was quite happy to finally be ridden off his nagging wife .After completing the rituals he was driving home when he saw his ‘wife’ running after him in his rear view mirror .Scared for his life ,he kept on accelerating till the clouds of dust obliterated the view completely  and she was no more visible.

 He reached back home and was relaxing when the door bell rang …

He opened the door … and saw his wife standing there looking more haggard and nasty.He pinched himself hard and howled in pain – it was true ! His wife indeed stood before him .But how could it be possible ?

Here is how it was possible – while the woman was being buried ,some cement from a nearby construction flew into her gaping mouth and as this commercial will tell you ,’ Iss cement main Jaan hai !’(This cement has life ) so the cement gave her a second lease of life and she became alive once again !

Yes , if we  believe the advertisements , see it here .

I warned you already !

I have another story up my sleeve. A man , just as he was getting out of his home gets run over by a speeding truck .He gets up again , dusts off his clothes and walks on to catch a bus. After getting down from his bus as he walks to his office again a crane drops a big container upon him .He again crawls out unhurt .His clothes are a mess by now. He reaches the office and appears for an interview and gets selected on the spot despite his messy outlook .Why?

Because he was wearing ‘Lux cozi Baniyan( vest)’ and the tagline is ‘Apna luck pahan ke chalo ‘ ,so this man was saved by his luck (which resided in his vest ) every time .

The above was just taking a look at some indian advertisements and their relevance in our day to day life in a lighter vein .So some advertisements just stretch credibility to the extent that it becomes a parody of truth .

I have a long list of such advertisements ,there is one by Axe deodorants that makes angels fall from the sky(and grace!) when a man sprays Axe deodorant on his body and becomes (?) a chick-magnet .

There are countless Fair and lovely advertisements which claim that a woman can suddenly become the centre of the spotlight or a beauty queen and win hearts and go places if she uses  their fairness creams.
Talent can go to hell !
All you need is the right skin tone !

Though they can be entertaining but at the same time I feel that these advertisements instead of breaking the moulds actually reinforce the wrong stereotypes and are regressive in nature and do more damage to society .
I am happy that many media companies  are actually taking steps to challenge old norms and break stereotypes .Another post is coming up where we shall discuss the advertisements which I like and admire .Stay tuned !

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