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There is a new entrant in the beauty business and this strong contender is here to stay .You might already be seeing its products on the shelves of supermarkets .Yes, I am talking about the Spawake range of beauty products that have been launched by the International Beauty Giant KOSE specially keeping in mind the average Indian woman’s beauty concerns .
As I mentioned in my earlier posts that I had attended the Kose Launch Event of their Spawake range for Indian beauty market.I received these as part of a gift hamper and I am going to share my unbiased review with you.
Price- Rs 129/- for 25 gms 

PROS of  SPAWAKE Moisturising Cold Cream 
  1. Sturdy and attractive packaging ,different from the white tubs that we generally attach cold creams with .
  2. Very easy to work ,soft texture .In fact it has a very smooth feel to it.
  3. Light floral  fragrance .
  4. Contains laminaria and sea weeds extracts to help in skin smoothening and replenishing .
  5. Effective in combatting dryness .


CONS of SPAWAKE Moisturising Cold Cream 
  1. Slightly high price compared to other common brands .That was the only real  con I could find.
  2. No added benefits like sunscreen ,anti-ageing or tint .


FINAL VERDICT – After using it , I rate it a 4/5 .If moisturisation in the cold ,dry weather is all you are looking for then SPAWAKE MoisturisingCold Cream is perfect for the winters .It is suitable for all skin types and contains the goodness of sea weed extracts too .
That all for now gals .Keep looking pretty and be happy  till we meet again !

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